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Dignity: at the heart of everything we do

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1 Dignity: at the heart of everything we do
Pauline Ford RCN Dignity campaign lead

2 This presentation aims to:
Share the goals and objectives of the campaign Detail the scoping process for the campaign Share campaign products and plans Invite involvement and participation RCN to provide support for nurses and nursing so that Dignified care can be delivered. . It is hoped that this will be a UK project reaching across all areas of practice, all sectors, and all patient/client groups. In response to growing public and professional concern about patients and clients experiences of nursing, Dignity has been identified by the RCN as a piece of work to be taken forward within the 2007/2008 operational plan.

3 Dignity - RCN definition,2008
Dignity is concerned with how people feel, think and behave in relation to the worth or value of themselves and others. To treat someone with dignity is to treat them as being of worth, in a way that is respectful of them as valued individuals. In care situations dignity may be promoted or diminished by: the physical environment; organisational culture; the attitudes and behaviour of the nursing team and others; and the way in which care activities are carried out. When dignity is present people feel in control, valued, confident, comfortable and able to make decisions for themselves. When dignity is absent people feel devalued and lacking in control and comfort. They may lack confidence and be unable to make decisions for themselves. They may feel humiliated, embarrassed or ashamed. Dignity applies equally to those who have capacity and to those who lack it. Everyone has equal worth as human beings and must be treated as if they are able to feel, think and behave in relation to their own worth or value. The nursing team should, therefore, treat all people in all settings, and of any health status, with dignity, and dignified care should continue after death.

4 A Team Effort – staff & members
The RCN President, Maura Buchanan, is the Campaign champion 26 members of RCN staff from all parts of the UK are contributing their time and expertise to the campaign 60 members of the RCN from across the UK are contributing to the campaign either through: Membership of the practitioner advisory group Membership of the key work strands The project will be supported by a project support team of staff whose remit is to meet 6 weekly to review project progress, make operational decisions and undertake specific pieces of work. The wider project team is a strategic group whose remit is to keep up to date with the project, disseminate project progress reports, undertake specific pieces of work and identify links and opportunities for embedding the work across the RCN.

5 Making a difference We have committed ourselves to practical, helpful products that could make a difference. We have identified 6 pieces of work as a result of the scoping exercise that the RCN will undertake. An interactive practice support pack An influencing resource Emergency care principles Internal RCN policy and charter on dignity at work An E-Learning resource Commissioning guidance for Dignity

6 Three key priorities E-Learning resource - available on the RCN Learning Zone. To aid personal learning in relation to dignity. Interactive practice support pack - for use in the work place. It has been developed in partnership with Help the Aged. It consists of a DVD with filmed vox pops, vignettes and case studies and a guided narrative helping staff to explore nursing practice. The DVD will be accompanied by some carefully selected resources and a facilitators pack for use by the nurse leading the learning session Influencing resource - how do nurses make the case for the resources they need? Tips and techniques: a “how to” guide on presenting a case, identifying opportunities and making Dignity central to the organisations ambitions

7 Campaigning activities
We undertook an online survey of Nursing staff on Dignity - we had 2000 responses which informed our research report launched today We are launching our e-learning resource and the Principles for emergency care developed in partnership with the patients association Plans for each work strand have been developed and each will be launched during 2008 Establish a process for engaging with external stakeholders Talking with Government and employers about the need to prioritise Dignity.

8 Campaign Objectives Provide UK nurses in all professional sectors with a definition of what constitutes ‘dignify in care’ and say why it matters Highlight and promote excellence in nursing practice. Provide senior nurses with learning material that will support a change in professional practice and an improvement in the quality of patient /client care. Demonstrate to the public that nursing staff care deeply about providing dignified nursing care. Demonstrate that the Royal College of Nursing is responding decisively to an issue of professional and public concern. Maintain and develop relationships with key stakeholders such as Help the Aged and the Patients Association. Lobby for positive changes in the culture of the health services that will ensure that nursing staff can provide dignified care to their patients and clients. The RCN has undertaken scoping for this project between April and August 2007Scoping of the project has been both opportunistic and purposeful in approach. In this way we have been able to make the best use of opportunities to explore what nurses believe would help them to deliver dignified care

9 Your support is crucial
Make dignity a priority in your organisation Actively challenge undignified practice and ways of working Demonstrate that you value the good work that your staff undertake Promote the RCN with examples of the good practice that takes place Host RCN Dignity workshops contact

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