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Commissioning for Recovery Diana Powell Commissioning Manager Barnsley DAAT.

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1 Commissioning for Recovery Diana Powell Commissioning Manager Barnsley DAAT

2 You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete – R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)

3 Some personal reflections Our local context in Barnsley Our findings from the annual Needs Assessment What service users told us Raising aspirations and hope Antennae alerted to debates such as the recovery agenda – what does it mean? Associated research, reading and visits

4 A pivotal question: ? To undertake a radical reorganisation

5 Consultative time-limited stakeholder group with identified task groups Looked across the Pennines and the Atlantic! Commissioned facilitation from The Alliance and the IPC Market awareness day for networking and sharing of ideas as we gradually moved towards an agreed model Monthly formal Options Appraisal Group

6 Care Navigation Structured Activity Harm Reduction Prescribing Primary+ Specialist Carer Support Community Pharmacies Art Project Local connections T4 Supported Accommodation Outreach BBV Resettle ment Conserv ation Hep C pilot Move- on

7 General principles identified in tender Although each Lot has an outline specification, these are purposely general in order to allow for creative input from prospective providers. This input should elucidate the means by which the provider will develop innovation and an outcome focused delivery that will look ahead to the impacts of the programme on the lives of service users and the communities in which they live. The DAAT wishes to see providers embracing the ideas of Resilience and Recovery in their interactions with clients.

8 Our underpinning principles There is no one pathway to recovery Recovery is an individual journey involving understanding of ones own health, well-being and relationship with ones community Recovery gathers momentum Recovery is not a single event to be considered at a particular point in time, the thread runs through all interventions.

9 Care Navigation The pivot, the hub, the umbrella, the wraparound and thread running through the system! Central focus on recovery planning Includes criminal justice and alcohol Incorporates assertive outreach, brief and structured interventions Individualised support through the system

10 Considerations Change of culture for service users and practitioners Supportive community structures Developing communities of recovery Developing recovery outcomes Nuggets of Delight – Art Project Taking a holistic view of a service users journey Bedfellows - abstinence and harm reduction Long term thinking requires joint approach Long term thinking requires joint approach


12 Diana Powell

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