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Commissioning Residential Provision Diana Powell and Jo Ekin.

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1 Commissioning Residential Provision Diana Powell and Jo Ekin

2 Logical Connections Residential rehabilitation is a link in the recovery chain Barnsley treatment system reconfigured with a Recovery focus Care Navigators play a natural role in the process Pathway to residential rehabilitation is part of the system journey


4 What happens during the course of time spent in residential rehabilitation Understanding the reasons for choosing residential rehabilitation How can an individual make these choices Where might an individual go Drugs and/or alcohol are both considered Logical connecting questions

5 Preparation for Rehab module Commissioned from Phoenix Futures Widening Horizons programme Mix and match programme of one:one; focused group work; participation in the core group module Re-visiting the checklist which accompanies the pathway Work with one of our Recovery Champions to visit and discuss possible options

6 Learning to recover Within each stage of recovery are developmental tasks, skills to be mastered, certain perspectives to be developed, and certain issues to be addressed before movement to the next stage can occur; Treatment interventions must be strategically selected to resolve key issues and achieve mastery over key developmental tasks inherent within each individual's current stage of recovery. Scottish Govt. Research for Recovery 2010

7 Preparation Discussion with client – Significant factors that have led to this decision Motivation for change [extrinsic and intrinsic]/readiness [de Leon] Expectations Types of rehabs Family visits Effects on benefits Pre-convictions Small budget set aside for visits

8 Panel Invitation to talk to Panel members With your Care Navigator Supported by a Recovery Champion Or send along a written description of your hopes and intentions Panel will also review all cases currently in Residential rehabilitation provision and consider any funding extension



11 Time for questions Pathways Referral form Checklist Criteria match

12 Diana Powell – Jo Ekin –

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