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NOMS Grants Programme 2014/15

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1 NOMS Grants Programme 2014/15
Bettina Crossick Commissioning Strategies Group, NOMS February 2014 UNCLASSIFIED

2 Today’s agenda NOMS Grant Programme 2014/15 Overview of the projects
Evidencing outcomes Transforming Rehabilitation Programme MOJ wider Policy Developments Procurement process UNCLASSIFIED

3 NOMS Grants programme The National Offender Management Service will continue the Grants Programme for the next financial year /15. The grants programme has historically funded VCSE organisations to develop capability, knowledge and good practice and to deliver activity in areas which reflect the NOMS priorities. Maintains funding streams and offers some financial stability for the VCSE during the mobilisation of the Transforming Rehabilitation Programme Maintains NOMS relationship and joint working with the VCSE Encouraging innovation and the development of capability are key areas Offers opportunity for focused investment in new priority areas

4 Priority themes for grant investment from 2014
Maintenance and development of VCSE capability and stability Effective partnership working across the public sector, contracted and voluntary sectors, and across commissioned and co-commissioned activity. Innovative ways of reducing reoffending Safer custody Rehabilitative cultures and the development of positive leadership behaviours and practitioner-offender engagement skills. Improving outcomes for offenders with learning disabilities and other groups with protected factors Reduction of institutional violence The value and impact of new technology

5 Projects Develop tailored and targeted work with offenders and their partners Develop individually tailored parenting work with both offender and the offender’s partner in the community. Focusing on offenders from Staffordshire and HMYOI Brinsford Develop models and best practice in advocacy for offenders to access social care Develop guidance on social care advocacy in prisons with relevant partners, e.g. Public Health England and Local authorities. Themes UNCLASSIFIED

6 Projects Proof of concept for Virtual Campus online delivery to support parenting and relationship skills programmes Developing alternative and complimentary delivery format; by offering an opportunity to test the capability of Virtual Campus beyond its current ETE context; Offer new and innovative solutions which may be of benefit to offenders and their families, programme providers; and Community Rehabilitation Companies Improve access by offenders to a range of parenting support designed in response to their needs. UNCLASSIFIED

7 Projects Develop approaches where offending is related to membership of, or affiliation to, a gang Testing services, interventions and other activities targeted at those whose offending is related to their affiliation to, or membership of, gangs. Developing provider neutral resources to support the development of practice and build capability for the adoption of promising approaches. Develop approaches to reduce conflict and/or violence in order to support development of a safe, decent and rehabilitative environment Designing, delivering and testing services, interventions and other approaches to understand: how conflict or violent incidents may be better managed or reduced; how they may contribute to the establishment or maintenance of a safe and decent environment. UNCLASSIFIED

8 Projects Develop approaches enhancing rehabilitative cultures
Supporting development, piloting and testing of promising approaches aimed at enhancing the development of rehabilitative cultures through innovative partnership working with VCSE organisations. Develop an approach that combines work with offenders in the custody and community and tests how the co-design and development of a rehabilitative culture in custody can support effective through the gate activity and improve resettlement outcomes. UNCLASSIFIED

9 Projects Improve outcomes for offenders with communication difficulties To improve outcomes for offenders who have difficulties in understanding and being understood whilst in custody and under supervision in the community Psychosocial Volunteer support service to high risk, high harm personality disordered offenders To improve the outcomes for high risk high harm Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) offenders returning to the community from custody Pilot an adapted model of Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) service in two regions UNCLASSIFIED

10 Information on projects
For further information on individual projects, please go to the Contracts Finder.

11 What are we looking for Proposals that maximise the existing specialist VCSE skills & expertise Well documented pilot/business case Project & management plan An honest assessment of existing evidence & plans to evaluate impact & share learning Have a clear idea of the costs involved Partnerships – research specialists/other VCSEs Sustainability

12 Contact details Bettina Crossick Commissioning Strategies Group, NOMS

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