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A Short Tour of the TransXChange Schema (TransXChangeSchemaGuide-2.1-v-44)

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1 A Short Tour of the TransXChange Schema (TransXChangeSchemaGuide-2.1-v-44)

2 Top Level TXC Schema Root element Child elements

3 Key TransXChange Elements The TransXChange element has 12 child elements, which may be further subdivided into four groups: Registration Elements: Operator, Registration, (ShortNoticeRegistration). Service Supply elements: Service, (StandardService, FlexibleService, Line, JourneyPattern), JourneyPatternSection, VehicleJourney. Topographical elements: StopPoint, StopArea, NptgLocality, ServicedOrganisation. Route and Network topology elements: Route, RouteSection, RouteLink. Ancillary elements: SupportingDocument. The OperatingProfile element is also described here.

4 Registration Elements Operators: Describes the operator(s) of a service.

5 Operators XML Example

6 Registration Elements Registrations: A collection of Registration elements, each referencing a Service element.

7 Registrations XML Example

8 Services: Definitions of services. Service Supply elements

9 Services XML Example

10 Service Supply Elements JourneyPattern Sections: Definitions of Journey Pattern Sections.

11 JourneyPatternSections Example

12 Service Supply elements VehicleJourneys: Definitions of Vehicle Journeys used in one or more services.

13 Service Supply elements VehicleJourneyG roup element

14 VehicleJourney XML Example


16 Topographical Elements NptgLocalities: Names of NPTG localities used in local stop definitions in the schedule.

17 NptgLocalities Example

18 Topographical Elements StopPoints: Local stop definitions for stops used in services in the schedule. StopAreas: Local StopArea definitions.

19 StopPoints and StopAreas XML Example

20 Route Elements Routes: Definitions of transport routes. RouteSections: Definitions of the Route Sections making up all or part of a route.

21 RouteLinks and Track elements

22 Routes and RouteSections XML Example

23 Other Child Elements ServicedOrganisations: Organisations serviced by the schedule, e.g. an LEA, and their working and non- working days. SupportingDocuments: Additional documents describing the service.

24 Operating Profile The OperatingProfile element specifies on which days a service operates. It can be specified on a VehicleJourney, a JourneyPattern and on a Service.

25 Operating Profile

26 OperatingProfile XML Example

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