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Electronic Bus Service Registration and TransXChange.

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1 Electronic Bus Service Registration and TransXChange

2 What is EBSR? Moving the bus service registration from paper..... …To data (suitable for import into other systems) …And making sure that data can be reproduced in a readable format

3 Moving the Registration From Paper.....




7 Stagecoach NE EBSR Launch – May 2008

8 …To Data

9 Operator Details

10 Stop Details

11 Route Details

12 …And reproducing that data in a readable format




16 The Route Map and Stops Served

17 The Full Service Timetable

18 TXC & EBSR – Brief History TAN21 (Traffic Area Network) transformation 1999 programme started Transformational Government initiative Working together with (HGV and PSV) operators New self-service web-based systems Development of TransXChange V Designed to enable data transfer & electronic registrations Operator Licensing Business System (OLBS)2001 developed More complex than originally envisaged Funding focused on (HGV and PSV) operator licensing … Insufficient left for EBSR

19 TXC & EBSR – Brief History TAN merged with Vehicle Inspectorate2003 To form Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) A major business change for both organisations No explicit funding for EBSR Transport Direct upgrades TransXChange2005 To make consistent with e-Gov and international standards EBSR pilot project started2007 Arriva and Stagecoach VOSA and Transport Direct Objective – To address the pre-requisites for industry adoption and rollout Provide mapping facilities Address identified performance and capacity issues

20 Pilot Objectives End-to-End registration process proven Operators VOSA LTAs / PTEs System functionality and resilience Different types of bus service / registration Small to large registration file sizes Single or multiple registration submission Appropriate support process SLAs in place with suppliers Satisfaction of all parties with systems and processes

21 Timeline VOSA EBSR pilot capability enabled1 Jun 2007 Registrations submitted from14 Aug 2007 EBSR became VOSA operational service20 Sep 2007 Technology launch at York INFORM8 Nov 2007 VOSA moved pilot to business as usual14 Dec 2007 EBSR Launch by Secretary of State 31 Jan 2008

22 Progress EBSR is now a fully live service Only one outage/system failure since EBSR placed in VOSA operational service That was the failure of an external web service used in the process ??? successfully submitted registrations (at end Sept. 2008) ?? registration failures (< 2%) One of which has led to fix in EBSR Publisher Service characteristics of successful e-registrations include:- Linear routes Express journeys Forked routes Complex Services (Circulars, Cloverleaf, Lollipop routes etc.) Special day timetables Frequent Services/Long Routes (275 vehicle journeys & 75 stop points) Pick-up/set-down only H&R

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