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The TransXChange Publisher

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1 The TransXChange Publisher

2 The TransXChange Publisher
Converts the TXC data into a form that can be read Available free from the TXC website at:- Current version (Feb. 2009) is V2.2a_10 Will reproduce all the details of the registration, including the timetable and the map 2

3 Converts an XML File to a Readable Document
The Publisher offers various options to manage the output Show all, some or none of the details of the operator, route, stops etc. Show timetables for all stops or for timing points only Maps at different scales to suit rural and urban services Map on single page to provide route overview Maps for different directions or for both directions on one map Display of embedded content (e.g. letters of support) XML validation Examples of original XML data and the Publisher selection screens are on the following slides:-

4 Electronic Bus Service Registration
30 January 2008 Stop Details in a TXC File Potential EBSR Pilot TWM & Centro

5 Route Mapping Details in a TXC File Route Mapping Details in a TXC File









14 Electronic Bus Service Registration
11th Annual INFORM Conference Electronic Bus Service Registration 8 November 2007 30 January 2008 VOSA Requirements The Timetable must be clear – but VOSA will only be interested in Principal Points The route map must be unambiguous It must clearly show the route that the bus will follow And also show any variations The following slide illustrates a map that is unlikely to be accepted by VOSA for registration purposes Electronic Bus Service Registration Potential EBSR Pilot TWM & Centro 14


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