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Click to create a Free Account! OR Login if you have your account.

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2 Click to create a Free Account! OR Login if you have your account

3 Fill out the form. Write your e-mail and password down so you will remember it!

4 Click “Bring me to quickstart” to get your page up and running.

5 Click the tiles that you are interested in including on your page.


7 Once you are finished, click on Install selected webmixes.

8 Symbaloo automatically makes your webmix and names it home webmix. You will also have EDU teacher, EDU tools, News Sites, Dolphin and you may have other tabs depending on what you chose. For example, you may have K- 5 Math, 3-5 sites, middle school math, etc. Click Add a Webmix to create another.

9 If you create a new webmix, you will see this screen. Name your webmix and click on ADD.

10 At the top of this screen, you will be able to add tiles. Click on “click here to create your own tile”!

11 1.Paste in the URL of the website. 2.Name the tile if it doesn’t pop in automatically. Click the box to add the title on the tile. 3. An image may have also popped in for the tile. If not, you can click the arrow to choose one or you can also upload your own image from your computer. You can also choose a color for the tile.

12 Your newly created tile will appear in the upper left corner. Click and drag it to where you would like it to be.

13 When you are ready to share your webmix, click share in the upper right hand corner.

14 #2 Click Embed Code to copy the embed code and paste it on a blog or website. Start by clicking “Share my Webmix” #1 Copy link or embed code to share your mix. #3 or Share on Twitter or FB by clicking on Share via Social Media You choose from the following ways to share” 1.Link 2.Embed Code 3.Social Media

15 Once it is shared, to find the link or embed code again you need to click on “Webmix Details”. If you do not want to share any longer, click on “Stop Sharing”.

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