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Symbaloo Save, access, and share all of your online resources in one central location!

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1 Symbaloo Save, access, and share all of your online resources in one central location!

2 What is Symbaloo? Symbaloo is a visual way of organizing your online life Called Webmixes You can combine your online favorites into a central location. Saved into an online resources Not restricted to accessing your favorites only on your personal/work computer Can share those resources with others

3 Creating your Account

4 What is a Webmix? A webmix is a general topic or category where you would like to place various bookmarks. You may create webmixes around; Personal resources Resources for your students News updates RSS feeds Any method you need to organize your resources Your webmixes appear as tabs at the top of your symbaloo You can add/delete or remove webmixes as you need to

5 Deleting/Removing a Webmix Deleting a Webmix Simply click the Delete Webmix link that appears above the webmix Removing a Webmix Some webmixes come from other sources and are locked for editing. Rather than deleting them, you can remove them by clicking the Remove Webmix link at the top

6 Adding Tiles to a Webmix You can add tiles for the following Websites Other webmixes Widgets – these will open in center large center tiles Too add a tile… click in an available square on the webmix As you hover over it, you will see the words, Add a tile below your mouse pointer. The first thing you will want to try is to search for the webtile. One may already be present Type in the name or URL of the website If a tile is available, it will appear Click on the tile to add it to the webmix

7 Adding Tiles to a Webmix What if Symbaloo doesnt have tile for my resource? You can create your own Steps to create your own tile Click the Add tile button Click on the link to create your own tile Go through the options for URL (Address) Creating thetile Name of tile Whether to include name Color of text on tile Color of the tile Icon for the tile or use your own image Drag the tile to any location in the webmix

8 Whats a Widget? A widget is a tool that launches a program in a large center tile in your Symbaloo When you search for tiles, widgets will be identified an icon in the upper left hand corner You can have multiple widgets on your page Clicking a widget will change the widget in the center tile

9 Editing Your Webmix You can edit the following items on your Webmix Name Number of rows and columns Background wallpaper To edit, click the Edit Webmix button above your webmix

10 Editing Your Webmix To edit the name, click on Rename Webmix To change the background wallpaper, click on Change Wallpaper To add rows or columns, click on the double arrows on the left, right, and bottom sides of the webmix You cannot delete rows from the default size, only rows that you initially added Up deletes rows Down adds rows Left and Right will add/delete columns depending on what side of the webmix you click When you are done editing, click on Done Editing

11 Editing Your Webmix

12 Embedding a Webmix Symbaloo makes your webmixes embeddable for websites Ideal for providing online resources to classes

13 Embedding a Webmix Before starting this process, you will need to have a new tab open and access Big Medium ( On your Symbaloo page, click the Share button above the upper right- hand corner of your webmix

14 How to Embed a Webmix On the left, click the Privately option Click the Share My Webmix button On the right, click the button to access the embed code Highlight the entire embed code Right-click on the highlight and choose Copy

15 Embedding a Webmix Access the Big Medium page in your browser Create a new article Give the article an appropriate title Go to the About the Page section and choose the option, Raw HTML Paste the embed code in the About the Page Section You will need to make one edit to make the webmix fit – in the embed code, make the width 400 px You can change the height, but not necessary

16 Embedding a Webmix Follow the usual steps for placing the article on your page Page preferences Be sure to publish If ever you change the embedded webmix, you just click the Update Webmix button to the upper right of the webmix, and it will automatically update on your webpage

17 Copy

18 Embedding a Webmix Paste Change Select

19 This is a webmix embedded on a MHS Webpage. Notice the scroll bars so that the user can view all of the available shortcuts and widgets.

20 Click when changes made

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