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Working with children and young people? Chris Budd and Sara Santos.

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1 Working with children and young people? Chris Budd and Sara Santos

2 The challenge: Maths is often perceived by young people as … Dull, boring, uncool, irrelevant, only done by nerds But.. Young people are the mathematicians of the future and can often be very excited about maths The opportunity.. There are 17000 primary and 3,000 maintained secondary schools, in the UK with 7 000 000 pupils How can we enrich their mathematical experience?

3 Maths Masterclasses.. How everyone can get involved Saturday morning classes for young people Mixture of talk and workshops Based in a university, linked to local schools Huge variety of topics eg. Mazes*, codes*, deep sea diving, dancing * Involve sex and violence! RI Classes founded by Christopher Zeeman

4 How a typical KS3 masterclass works 10am: Arrive 10-10.30am: Talk 1 10.30-11am: Workshop 1 11am-11.15am: Refreshments 11.15am-11.45am: Talk 2 11.45am-12.15pm: Workshop 2 12.15pm-12.30pm: Conclusions 12.30pm: Depart Repeat over 6-8 sessions

5 Other ways to get involved with children and young people Direct engagement with schools.. Widening participation MOTIVATE video conferences Writing text books INTERNET … Plus Maths, Cipher Challenge, MMP, NRICH Maths Inspiration (Rob Eastaway)

6 Science fairs Traditionally maths is under represented at fairs Eg. Cheltenham.. Only one maths event! But the British Science Festival now has a number of maths events.. 2009 Maths of Origami Bath Taps Into Science … 1/3 of exhibits are maths

7 Involving Undergraduates Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme UAS: Simon Singh Bath Maths Communicators: 15 Students do a Masterclass, take part in Bath Taps, take a school lesson and do a written activity All for degree credit MMG, HE-STEM

8 What works? Almost anything, provided it is done with energy, enthusiasm and commitment. An enormous amount of maths can be put over if it is done well and relates to the young people directly

9 How to get involved.. Basically just go for it.. Its great fun and brings great rewards Some organisations to team up with HE-STEM … Michael Grove RI : Maths Masterclasses … Sara Santos MMP/MOTIVATE … Jenny Gage STEMNET LMS (Holgate), IMA (Popular lecturers)

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