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New-Agey tosh or useful technique? Yvonne Aburrow GTD.

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1 New-Agey tosh or useful technique? Yvonne Aburrow GTD

2 Michel Foucault, The Care of the Self and the panopticon society

3 The antecedents of GTD Sources New Age o "Spiritual" o Human potential movement o Self-esteem Business o Insight seminars Self-regulation (the care of the self) o Foucauldian? o Oppressive? Taylorism Science? o Bottom-up approach o Emergent complexity o For rationalists Getting Things Done by Percy Redfern Creed in 1946 and 1947, revised from How to Get Things Done, 1938. Getting Things Done by Edwin C. Bliss and Malcolm Hancock, 1976 Getting Things Done by Roger Black, 1990 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey and Hyrum W. Smith The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management by Stephen R. Covey Action Research The Principles of Scientific Management by F. W. Taylor (1906) The Secret and a million other self-help books

4 Concept This is your brain Before GTD After GTD

5 Concept Remembering o Difficult o Clutter Recording o Externally o Uncluttered Concentrate on: o Performing o Completing

6 Principles How it actually works

7 Collect your stuff... in a bucket Inbox Tape-recorder PDA Notebook Desktop

8 Methodology 1. Workflow 1. Collect 2. Process 3. Organise 4. Review 5. Do 3. Planning 1. Define purpose & principles 2. Envision the outcome 3. Brainstorming 4. Organising 5. Identifying next actions Get some... Control Perspective 2. Framework 6. Life goals 5. Five-year vision 4. Yearly goals 3. Areas of responsibility 2. Current projects 1. Current actions Models

9 Process Start at the top One at a time No procrastination Actions o Do o Delegate o Defer (waiting for) Non-action o File o Bin o Incubate Ladder by Georgia O'Keeffe

10 Organise Categorise o Next step o Project o Open-loop o Waiting for Action? Event? Maybe Future possibility learn Chinese take diving holiday File o Calendar o To-do list o A to Z o Tickler file Review o Daily o Act Just do it Simple, easy, fun

11 Tools and techniques Tickler file o 43 folders 12 months 31 days Software o Desktop o Online o Collaborative o Personal The Hipster PDA Technique Store Track Retrieve Parietal Disgorgement Aid

12 My recommendations Should be optional Evaluate if it's useful for you o Cognitive style o Cost-benefit analysis o Homeostasis Shifts the locus of... o Fear o Anxiety o Stress Individual? Environment?

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