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S PARKLING M EMORIES The Secret To Improving Your Brain Power 1.

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2 S PARKLING M EMORIES The Secret To Improving Your Brain Power 1

3 Many of us including me had truly wished we were A students. 2 Imagine! A world where we would learn, understand and remember almost everything, we have learnt for a lifetime. Do you think it is possible?

4 3 It is possible

5 For a long time many memory competitions have taken place and the winners have performed powerful memory feats. Most of us assume that they have a high IQ not normal to many humans. In interviews these people have admitted to using a memory technique. 4

6 Psychologists have conducted many researches, and Good news is Mnemonics works on everyone. Psychologist believe that despite having different forms of intelligence, memory is universal and the difference is how we store and retrieve information. 5

7 People who don’t perform well in examinations, lose their self esteem, feel foolish or even give up schooling. This should not to be so! We all have enough brain power to remember and be A students. SO! there is a need to change the way we STORE information to memory and have a balance. We often remember long time events, songs, people or places without making much effort. Why? THAT IS WHAT THIS BOOK “SPARKLING MEMORY” IS ALL ABOUT. 6

8 Problem Statement 7 And what I have found out is amazing and something I want to share with every student, teacher, parent and all professionals. In my own experience as a student, I was good in class comprehension and cognition but come exam day, I never remembered as well as I should have. This left a question mark ! My teachers and parents thought maybe anxiety or lack of study What is the problem? I began to question. This lead me to reading a lot on brain, memory and cognition

9 I conducted a research on “Long term Memory and Rehearsal Enhancers” I talked to many students, teachers and other professionals. It is apparent that most students, 75%, are not aware of memory tools and they use cramming and repetitions to commit to long term memory. 25% good performers, use memory strategies to remember variety of facts and ideas they need to retain, though they are unaware of this. The research also revealed that the current rote learning system does not use all of the five memory lanes. It uses only the semantic memory lane leaving out episodic, procedural, automatic and emotional memory lanes. 8

10 SOLUTIONS THAT IS WHY STUDENTS NEED TO : 9 3. Use fun learning strategies like memorable imagery. Which helps change their overall attitude, focus, communication, imagination, organization and self esteem. 2. Use chains of association to connect one memory with another- here new information is encoded in such a way that it is connected to previously stored memory, such that it is not easily forgotten 1. Form Memory Tools (Mnemonics) to help them organize information into patterns, which use 5 memory lanes and encourage purposeful learning, which our selective brains’ tends to remember.

11 Studying and retaining information to long term memory Memory Devices or tools to strengthen committing learned materials to memory and easy retrieval Concentration and avoiding wondering mind Emotional Intelligence helping in thinking clearly and concisely. It also guides in mature behavior, organization and development of problem solving skills Effective note taking using mind maps and Cornel’s system Foods and Exercises good for the Brain This book and trainings focus on: 10

12 Contacts Lynette Odidi Yogo 0716-774-408 0726-350-665 Winmart Centre next to Varsity Plaza, P. O. Box 9466 – 40100, Kisumu email: 11


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