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Designing your pizza/Evaluating existing products.

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1 Designing your pizza/Evaluating existing products.
Year 9 - Food Designing your pizza/Evaluating existing products.

2 What we are going to do today…
Complete pizza designing – using personal specification, brief, and research sheet to help generate ideas Consider ways to make pizza relevant to target user Sample various pizzas to evaluate sensory qualities.

3 Why do we evaluate existing products? What is the use of this?
Why is sensory analysis used when Developing a food product?

4 Evaluation of existing products-Pizzas
TASK: The purpose of evaluating existing products is to see how they are made and The ingredients they include. Sample the products and evaluate sensory qualities. Sample Flavour Texture Appearance /5

5 Conclusions. Which sample did you prefer and why?
What was the class favourite? Would you buy any of the samples again and why? Do you think brought pizzas are better value for money than homemade? Which pizza that you sampled today do you think is best value for money? What sensory qualities are you going to ensure that your homemade pizza has?

6 Evaluating existing products- Pizzas.
It is also important to look at the packaging and labelling on food products to see How they are made, target groups they're aimed at etc… Pizza? Would you buy? Why? Main Ingredients Is the labelling informative? Target user

7 Who would eat these? Cheese & tomato Pancetta and fig Mixed vegetable
Mozzarella & Olives Sausage pizza

8 Other factors… Brief Personal specification
Evaluating existing products. Research into pizza

9 Presenting your design work
Need 3 design ideas Use A3 sheet - divide into 3 sections Draw out your idea – in colour and annotate (label) it. Evaluate your design Include measurements Write in pen – draw in pencil Use a ruler and try to make your work as attractive and colourful as possible Use SPECIFICATION to explain idea. Look at the design examples to get some presentation ideas Pizza Designs

10 Some ideas…

11 Name: I am making my pizza relevant to my target user by___________
When I am designing I will refer back to my _______________ Plus any additional research I have done

12 Pizza Product What can I use from this session to help me with my Idea’s/ Final idea? What qualities do I want my pizza to have? Complete star profile for what you want your pizza to be like.

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