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UCET Post 16 Committee CETTs - where are they now, and where are they going?

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1 UCET Post 16 Committee CETTs - where are they now, and where are they going?

2 REMINDERS CETTs came into being between late 2006 and early 2007. Whats changed quiz.. In relation to CETTs, what has happened to the acronyms / people below? SVUK DfES Bill Rammell QIA.. In relation to the world in general what has happened to the person / items below? George Bush Money Funding for ITT

3 REMINDERS A national network of these Centres will be announced in April 2007 and operational by September 2007. CETTs principles include developing a partnership approach in order to achieve a step change in the quality of ITT and CPD organisations working together to develop a CETT proposal will need to show how they will significantly improve and develop practice in ITT and CPD within the geographical area or subject area/discipline they nominate. The impact should not merely be within, but also beyond the constituent organisations of the CETT. (DfES 2006)

4 REMINDERS The 6 CETT criteria 1.Enhance the quality of training by bringing together providers and trainees from different contexts such as HE, FE, adult and community education, work-based learning and the voluntary sector. 2.Improve the support for trainees in the workplace so that they are better able to develop skills related to teaching their specialist subject/occupational area. 3.Embed commitment to principles of diversity and equality in everything they do and in particular by widening access to training for under-represented groups and modelling inclusive practice in teaching and learning. 4.Increase the breadth and depth of trainee teachers experience by providing opportunities for observing, teaching or assessing different types of learners on different qualifications in more than one ITT provider. 5.Contribute to the development of innovative practice through well-targeted research and dissemination activities. 6.Provide high quality resources, including on-line materials, for the development of trainees in the workplace that are shared with other providers on both a regional and a national basis.

5 WHERE ARE WE NOW? Geography …..

6 WHERE ARE WE NOW? Much development / project / research activity e.g. (A tour of some CETT Outputs) LONCETT / Westminster Partnership Online Mentoring Course

7 WHERE ARE WE NOW? EMCETT Every Learner Matters e-resource

8 WHERE ARE WE NOW? HUDCETT ASSOCiate Online New Journal – Teaching in Lifelong Learning

9 WHERE ARE WE NOW? LONCETT Access issues and training needs of teachers in the ACL sector project report

10 WHERE ARE WE NOW? SWitch CETT Survey of ITT cohorts SMILE Mentoring Project

11 WHERE ARE WE NOW? Many Events and activities (Conferences / network meetings / forums / training courses / CPD)


13 KEY ACHIEVEMENTS Many useful outputs / events / activities and items produced Increased and enhanced networking and partnership working Resources and emphasis put into teacher education Calling point for funders / initiatives Promoting positive principles of teaching and learning And …..

14 KEY CHALLENGES Sustainability - Will they still exist? Not national and not inclusive of all teacher educators / areas Impact on programmes / trainees / quality of teaching? Driven by government agenda And …..

15 PROFESSIONALISM INFLUENCE AUTONOMY COMPLIANCEINSPECTION Improved Teaching and Learning THE WORLD, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING Embedding Equality and diversity Professional support CPD Partnership Working More Diverse Workforce IMPACT ON PRACTICE Teachers working in diverse contexts New learning and understanding

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