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South Africa Today Chapter 19, Section 3 P. 560 - 563.

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1 South Africa Today Chapter 19, Section 3 P. 560 - 563

2 Geography of South Africa Mineral rich Rand – world’s largest and richest gold field Diamonds Uranium Platinum Veldt – flat grasslands Cattle, corn, fruit, potatoes, wheat

3 History of South Africa Home to Bantu and Khosian peoples for 1,500 years 1652 – Dutch found Cape Town Descendants are called Afrikaners Boers – developed their own culture, fought with Africans for land German, French, British follow in the 1700s & 1800s Discovery of diamonds and gold led to the South African war Boers vs. British

4 A Nation of Apartheid 1910 – British colony becomes Union of South Africa Racial segregation and separation continues 1948 – Apartheid becomes “official” government policy ANC – black Africans who opposed Apartheid 1985 – U.S. & Great Britain impose sanctions against South Africa 1989 – Willem de Klerk repeals Apartheid

5 Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela Many compare Nelson Mandela to Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He made sacrifices for the betterment of the South African people. Click the title to access the YouTube video.

6 A New Era for South Africa Today, constitution guarantees the same rights to everyone Most black South Africans are very poor 11 official languages English is used in schools and universities Paul Simon…

7 Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mambazo In 1987, Paul Simon brought his popular Graceland Tour to South Africa. He shared the stage with one of South Africa’s most popular musical groups, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. As you look in the crowd, what do you see? Think about the year and what was happening in South Africa at the time.

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