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Getting business on board Luke Tryl Senior Education Officer.

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1 Getting business on board Luke Tryl Senior Education Officer

2 Getting Business on Board - how schools and businesses can work together to tackle homophobic bullying Stefano Nappo Global Head of Intellectual Property UBS Natalia Dawkins Community and Relationships Manager The Bridge Academy, Hackney UBS and the Bridge Community Affairs

3 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 2 UBS, The Bridge Academy and Stonewall UBS Stefano Nappo, UBS Global Head of Intellectual Property and co-chair of Pride EMEA; co-chair Interbank LGBT Forum, and Stonewall Ambassador UBS = Stonewall Diversity Champion, and corporate member of Stonewall since 2002 UBS Pride EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) established in 2002. The Bridge Academy, Hackney Natalia Dawkins, Community and Relationships Manager The Bridge = a founding member of Stonewall School Champions programme, part of the Education for All Campaign

4 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 3 FIT one-day workshops UBS, The Bridge and Stonewall - working together since 2010 to develop a day-long workshop for secondary schools centred around Stonewalls film FIT. Purpose of the workshop – enhance students understanding of homophobia and the impact of homophobia. raise awareness of how homophobic bullying can happen. engage young people and teachers in challenging homophobic bullying. celebrate difference. promote a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. train teachers on how to prevent and respond to homophobia. deliver part of the Personal, Social, Health and Education, and Citizenship curriculum and encourage students to be responsible citizens.

5 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 4 FIT one-day workshops The joint workshops - delivered during drop down days to Years 7, 8 and 9. To date some 640 Bridge Academy students have participated. Workshops – since July 2010 four drop down days delivered with support from 27 UBS volunteers (gay and straight) – some of whom have participated in all the workshops. Over 350 volunteering hours from UBS employees. Teachers engaged – for each Year group a training session was run for the teachers of the eight classes involved. Development - workshops have evolved since 2010 with constant feedback from The Bridge, Stonewall and UBS volunteers. Involvement of actors - in the early stages, the actors and director of FIT attended and contributed to refining the workshops.

6 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 5 Addressing a need – from 2007 research by Stonewall 65% of young lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils have experienced bullying directly. 92% of lesbian, gay and bisexual teens have been verbally abused because of their sexuality and 41% have been physically bullied. 17% have received death threats 7 in 10 pupils who experienced homophobic bullying said it had a direct impact on their school work. In schools where LGB issues are taught in a positive way, young people are 60% more likely to be happy at school and feel their school is accepting and tolerant.

7 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 6 Addressing a need – from 2007 research by Stonewall Secondary school teachers say that homophobic bullying is the most frequent form of bullying after bullying because of weight. Nine in ten secondary and primary school teachers say lesbian and gay issues should be addressed in schools or in specific lessons. However, 63% of primary school teachers and over a third of secondary school teachers have not addressed these issues in their classrooms. Seven in ten pupils have never been taught about lesbian and gay people or seen lesbian and gay issues addressed in class. Lesbian and gay pupils who have been taught about gay issues are 13% less likely to experience homophobic bullying.

8 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 7 The Bridge Academy, Hackney A mixed, non-denominational, secondary state school in Hackney. The Bridge welcomed its first intake of 187 girls and boys in September 2007. This academic year will see the first students complete their GCSEs, and in September 2012 the sixth form will open. The Bridge is a local school for students of all abilities. 51% = Free School Meals. 31% = Special Educational Needs 40% speak English as a second language. 45 different languages are spoken. 21% = African origin from a range of countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Somlia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Angola. 20% = Caribbean origin 13% = Turkish / Turkish Cypriot.

9 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 8 A special relationship 2003 – formal registration of interest as a sponsor of an Academy by UBS. As sponsor UBS with a philanthropic client of the firm, provided £2m of the initial building and capital costs. The Academies programme gave UBS the chance to build on 27 years Community Affairs experience in Hackney to create a step change. An outstanding opportunity to: – influence and support the creation of an outstanding school at the heart of its local community. – marshal the entire panoply of UBS resources, skills and experience to create permanent change. – respond to the community need – with 1/3 of secondary school children in Hackney being un-provided for. The case for corporate engagement in education in Hackney was compelling. Underachievement characterised the borough for many years with only 31% of students achieving 5 GCSEs (in any subject) in 2002. Building a bridge to the future

10 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 9 UBS and the Bridge: a special relationship The UBS Bridge Academy Partnership is based on a shared ambition to build a continuous programme that gives students, staff and UBS employees superb opportunities to work and learn together, and has a positive impact on student achievement, attainment and personal development. It also leverages UBSs support of voluntary sector partners. UBS is focusing its time, expertise and financial resources on: – supporting the curriculum. – work-related learning including employability skills and enterprise. – promoting access to university. – students personal development and enrichment. – leadership and governance. – professional development of teachers. A bridge to your future

11 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 10 A partnership in numbers Skills and experience through volunteering; from governors to work experience to sports day Over 1,800 UBS volunteers have been involved since 2003, contributing more than 21,500 hours to Academy related activities. In 2011, 500+ volunteers contributed over 6,190 hours through 35 different volunteering initiatives. 2003-2011, UBS employees and clients have raised over £463,000 for the Bridge. A Bridge To Your Future

12 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 11 Why is UBS engaged in this initiative? UBSs unique partnership with the Bridge Academy - enabled us to deliver our commitments to supporting the curriculum and to developing responsible citizens. Tackling homophobia is important to UBS. Encouraging and enabling others to address homophobia is part of a leaders responsibility. UBSs partnership with the Bridge provides an opportunity to reach the next generation and their teachers. UBS wants to encourage more schools to use these materials and business volunteers to take the message into their partner schools. Achieve two of the Bridges strategic imperatives – to have established the best business partnership and best community partnerships.

13 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 12 This is not just a schools issue UBS volunteers explain the importance of inclusivity in the workplace; how diversity and tackling bullying fits within the vision and values of a global firm like UBS; and that although the law differs around the world, international companies take a global view. Helping people to be open about their sexuality is important in school and the workplace. The Bridge now has 900 students at different stages of personal development. At UBS we know that LGBT employees will do better / be more productive at work when they can be 100% themselves. The same is true at school. Visible support from leaders encourages people to be open at work, and helps to prevent bullying. The government estimates 6% of the population are gay or lesbian.

14 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 13 The Challenges My mum doesnt want me to do this. The Bible says its wrong. Why are you telling me to be gay? Its not all about sex.

15 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 14 Impact "I think a lot of the students were previously ignorant about how much of an impact homophobia can have, particularly in the language they used (calling each other/things 'gay') and it also raised a lot of interesting debates about religion and it's interpretation. Having a UBS volunteer in with us was fantastic as it emphasised that this wasn't just a 'lesson' from school or my personal opinion, it was something important on a much bigger scale." Teacher (Geography Subject Leader), The Bridge Academy Curriculum Drop Down Days such as the one run with Stonewall on Homophobic Bullying Prevention – are effective in reaching large numbers of students to increase awareness and understanding of the issues. Corporate Citizenships evaluation of the Bridge / UBS partnership

16 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 15 Impact – student feedback As a result of todays workshops I feel I have developed my understanding of what is homophobia. A great deal = 42% To some extent = 48% As a result of todays workshops I have a better understanding of why it is important to respect people whoever they are. A great deal = 23% To some extent = 64% As a result of todays workshops I have a better understanding of what homophobic bullying looks and sounds like. A great deal = 47% To some extent = 50%

17 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 16 Impact – volunteer feedback I very much enjoy working with the students and each time have learned something from them, as they tend to see things differently to adults. I wanted to feel part of the community and be able to contribute to children's development. Feel useful and give support to people that could benefit from this project. I enjoyed seeing the kids opening up to different ideas and changing their minds in a subject they were not knowledgeable about before. I enjoyed the whole day! A challenge is always welcome, as well as a change to the routine. Working with the young people, some of whom were articulate and thoughtful, even if holding diametrically opposed views, was very rewarding. Asking the young people what they think seems to get some interesting results. Things really came alive and the kids were engaged when we discussed their differing views. Conversation and sharing ideas is good! Actor in FIT

18 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 17 Views on The Bridge / UBS partnership Every day we see the benefits to students and staff of this exceptional partnership with UBS. Students lives are being changed because of it. Stephen Foster, Principal, The Bridge Academy The academys excellent partnership working is enhanced significantly through practical and financial support from the academys sponsor. As a result, staff and students benefit from a wide range of mentoring and coaching opportunities. 2011 Ofsted report I truly believe that the strength of our partnership with UBS is one of the elements that really sets us apart from other schools and academies. UBS supports us on every level possible and our students have constant access to inspirational role models from the world of work who provide not only professional mentorship but also model skills for successful living. Kelly Harris Assistant Vice Principal, the Bridge Academy

19 CA Champions July 2011 - DRAFT.ppt 18 Views on The Bridge / UBS partnership For over 25 years, UBS has achieved real, lasting impact, and made a significant contribution to the recent improvements seen in Hackney. UBS has taken Corporate Social Responsibility to a level where no City institution has gone in modern times. The firm demonstrates a serious and sustained purpose in reaching out from its City base. Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney I have visited many schools and projects and have never seen such a serious business partnership. Harry Patrinos, Lead Education Economist, World Bank UBSs partnership with the Bridge Academy has created invaluable opportunities for the Academys pupils, their local community, and for UBSs staff. It has been and continues to be a leading example of what business- community partnerships can achieve, and I congratulate everyone involved. The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister We want the school to be an inspiring place for Hackneys young people, where students can fulfil their potential, and we continue to work with staff and students at the Bridge to achieve this. …Our partnership with the Bridge has had a profound effect on UBS employees, many of whom, like me, feel proud and privileged to be part of the schools daily life. Carsten Kengeter, Chairman and CEO, UBS Investment Bank

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