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Sustainability in tourism

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1 Sustainability in tourism
Shirley Eber Sustainability in Education London Metropolitan University Business & Service Sector Management Tourism Concern

2 Presentation outline The work of Tourism Concern
Sustainability in tourism education project Module outlines Supporting sustainability integration Beyond the Brochure Sustainability in tourism education

3 Tourism Concern: Bringing industry and communities together
Tourism and human rights campaign Getting holiday-makers on board Unique information source In the media Linking into education

4 Sustainability in tourism education
Aim: to integrate sustainability into the tourism curriculum Partnership: Tourism Concern & University of North London, Business School Funding: Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) Support: Association for Tourism in Higher Education (ATHE)

5 Sustainability in tourism education
Methodology: Consulting with staff at all levels Mapping existing sustainability content Identifying opportunities for sustainability Identifying obstacles to sustainability Recommending integration measures Disseminating outcomes to others

6 Sustainability in tourism education
Project recommendations: Three new modules: First year: “Business in Society” Second year: “Tourism Business in Society” Third year: “Sustainability tools and solutions for tourism”

7 Level One: “Business in Society”
Module aims: introduce students to context and principles of sustainable development examine how these relate to today’s world (leisure & tourism) introduce concepts of development, growth and change within global context explore issues of politics, power and responsibility (leisure & tourism)

8 Level One: “Business in Society”
Teaching and learning methods: 150 student learning hours - weekly lectures (1.5hrs); group seminars (1.5hrs) Assessment: Coursework - submission of Portfolio

9 “Business in Society” - Portfolio
Aims of portfolio: show how module topics are relevant to current events ensure students keep up with topics on weekly basis to highlight topics of interest to students to encourage creativity, open debate, critical analysis and thinking ‘outside the box’

10 Portfolio outline buy a large scrapbook
buy and read daily broadsheet newspapers cut out articles (news, editorials, reviews etc.) relevant to module topics paste into scrapbook; include source ref. at least nine items required

11 Portfolio outline continued
write commentary ( words) - include summary of article - how it relates to module topic - refer to academic resources write introduction/executive summary ( words)

12 Portfolio assessment criteria
Portfolio should demonstrate: reading and engagement effective written communication ability to seek, handle, analyse information understanding of sustainable development understanding of environmental, economic, social dimensions of business

13 Level One:“Business in Society”
Twelve sessions: 1 - Problems of being unsustainable 2 - Global and local business 3 - Introduction to sustainable development 4 - Sustainability and the public sector 5 - Sustainability and the private sector 6 - Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

14 “Business in Society” continued
7 - Citizenship, responsibility and ethics 8 - Social justice and human rights 9 - Environmental dimensions 10 - Diversity, culture and heritage 11 - Power, the media and the future 12 - Overview

15 Level Two: “Tourism Business in Society”
Applies topics to tourism: 1 - Why tourism is unsustainable 2 - Global & local dimensions of tourism 3 - Sustainable development of tourism 4 - Tourism sustainability & public sector 5 - Tourism sustainability & private sector 6 - Corporate social responsibility & tourism

16 “Tourism Business…” cont.
7 - Responsibility & ethics in tourism 8 - Social justice & human rights in tourism 9 - Environmental dimensions in tourism 10 - Diversity, culture & heritage in tourism 11 - Moving forward 12 - Overview

17 Level Three: “Sustainability Tools and Solutions for Tourism”
Builds on first two modules: 1 - Life-cycle/carrying capacity analysis 2 - Environmental auditing, analysis & reporting 3 - Social auditing, analysis & reporting 4 - Cultural auditing, analysis & reporting 5 - Stakeholder analysis & conflict resolution 6 - Product stewardship & responsibility

18 “Solutions…” cont. 7 - Local knowledge & participation
8 - Legislation & control mechanisms 9 - Administration & enforcement issues 10 - National policies & instruments 11 - International policies & instruments 12 - Monitoring & assessment

19 Supporting sustainability integration
Consultation Teaching and learning resources Staff training workshops Student career opportunities Information technology Dissemination

20 Project workshop Tourism academics & practitioners to:
explore skills, capabilities & expectations of: Sustainability-Competent Graduate (SCG) intellectual - personal - practical explore possibilities for on-going dialogue

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