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Mrs. Devann Leech Biology/PreAP Biology

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1 Mrs. Devann Leech Biology/PreAP Biology
Welcome to Open House! Mrs. Devann Leech Biology/PreAP Biology

2 Welcome to Biology Please Sign In…
I’m delighted YOU joined us this evening. YOU are the most influential factor in your child’s success in school. I am here to help your child thrive this year.

3 Contact Information Room #: 735 Phone: *The best & fastest way to reach me is through * Website: (also see next slide)

4 Website Access:
Staff Teacher’s name All the information about this class and more can be found on my website. Please save the website as a favorite for future reference.

5 REMIND 101 Texts In order to receive reminder texts about quizzes, tests, labs, and other upcoming activities, students can sign up for REMIND 101. Phone #: (512) Biology Class PreAP Biology Class Text the Class Code to the above-mentioned Phone #.

6 Supply List: For Pre-AP Biology: For On-Level Biology: Laptop
1.5-2 inch Binder Packet of Loose-Leaf Paper Pencil, Blue Pen, Black Pen Highlighter Color Pencils Glue Stick Paper Towels Spray Cleaner/Clorox Wipes Tissues Laptop Composition Notebook

7 Leech Teaching Schedule
A Day      B Day  FIRST Biology  9: :35  FIFTH PreAP/TAG Biology   SECOND PLC Conference  10: :13  SIXTH PreAP/TAG Biology THIRD PreAP Biology 12:21 - 2:30 B-Lunch 1:00 - 1:32  SEVENTH FOURTH 2:38 - 4:08  EIGHTH Conference 

8 Leech Tutorial Schedule
Tuesdays 4:15 am - 5:00 am (Testing) Thursdays 8:15 am - 9:00 am (Tutorial) Thursdays 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm (Tutorial) Fridays 8:15 pm - 9:00 pm (Testing)  *Exception to morning tutorials are the weeks that the Science Department has Morning Duty* *We have Duty the Weeks of:  9/1, 10/13, 12/1, 1/26, 3/9, 4/27*

9 Biology Dep’t Tutorial Schedule

10 What your child should do after an absence:
Refer to Mrs. Leech’s website for updates Ask questions. Inquire about distributed worksheets and missed homework assignments. Copy notes from a classmate. Arrange a make-up for missed assessments. Your child will have a total of 2 calendar days for every day that they are absent to make up work. *Please refer to the RR Biology Policies and Procedure handout on my website for more information.

11 Retakes & Late work: Retake assignments - below 70% if your child completes a content review & attends at least one tutorial. Late work – 10-point deduction for each calendar day late. After 7 days, late work will ONLY be accepted for a grade of up to 50. *Please refer to the RR Biology Policies and Procedure handout for more information

12 Tests/Exams/Quiz Retakes:
Test Corrections: A score on a test of 65-69, requires mandatory test corrections and a retest. A score of less than 65 requires mandatory test corrections, tutorials, and a retest. All re-takes should be taken within a week of the original test & must be taken during tutorial (testing) times.

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