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September 12, 2013. Please sign in at the door Welcome to Open House! I will be your child’s ELA and/or Reading Improvement teacher this year. This is.

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1 September 12, 2013

2 Please sign in at the door

3 Welcome to Open House! I will be your child’s ELA and/or Reading Improvement teacher this year. This is my 7 th year teaching and I am excited to be here at Doerre! I attended Sam Houston State University for my undergraduate degree and University of Texas Arlington for my Master’s degree.

4 Classroom expectations My expectations for each student are as follows: Be o Respectful o Responsible o Prepared o Always try your best I value honesty and expect it at all times.

5 ELA Class Supplies o Each student is required to have a 3-ring binder with dividers and notebook paper to keep inside. o Dividers are to be set up into the following sections: Agenda, Vocabulary, Class work, Homework, Graded Papers o A bound composition book is needed also which will be used as a reader/writer notebook and will be kept in the classroom at all times. o One folder which will stay in the classroom as well is needed for writing assignments throughout the year. o Blue or black pen or pencil is acceptable and one red pen is needed. If students choose to write with a pencil, it may be helpful to have a personal hand sharpener in case the pencil breaks during class.

6 Reading Improvement Class Supplies o Students are encouraged to bring books from home or the library as we begin each day with independent reading. If someone does not have a book, they may borrow one from my classroom library. o One spiral notebook- which is to be kept in the classroom o A pen or pencil

7 Classroom Procedures o As students arrive they are to get any required materials for the day from their class period crate, sit down quietly in their assigned seat and begin the warm-up. o If a pencil needs sharpening, it is to be done before the bell as it is distracting to hear the roar of a pencil sharpener during class. o Students are to ask permission before getting out of their seat. o All assignments are to be turned into the designated class period’s turn in tray. o Restroom needs are to be taken care of in between classes. If there is an emergency students have been asked to speak with me privately.

8 Our day o Everyday will begin with a warm-up which is found on the screen and is to be started immediately. Warm- ups are collected every Friday for a daily grade and are graded on completion. o We will go over the warm-up if needed and begin the lesson/activity for the day. o If there has been homework assigned, it is due upon entering on the date given- usually the next day.

9 ELA Curriculum We are focusing on reading and writing as students are required to take the Writing STAAR this year. We will be doing a lot of work on grammar and developing writing skills while continuing to grow as readers through literature groups and class novels. We are utilizing a reader/writer notebook which students will keep notes and activities in and will use to refer back to and help them through out the year.

10 Reading Improvement Curriculum Students are working on becoming better readers through reviewing phonics, oral grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. We will use stories from our textbook and a graphic novel to aid with reading comprehension. Our textbooks and curriculum come from Portals, a course designed to help struggling readers by re-teaching reading skills learned as they first learned to read. In doing this, the gaps they have will be filled as they relearn the fundamentals of reading.

11 Other information o Absences- if students are absent from class for any reason, it is their responsibility to find out what was missed. I have folders labeled with each day of the week that they are to check for handouts/assignments. ***If students are absent they will be given as many days to turn in the assignment as they were gone. Example- someone who is out for two days will have two days to turn in the assignment. o Late work- All assignments are due on time. I will accept major grade assignments up to three days late and 10 points will be deducted for each day after the original due date. I accept daily grade assignments one day late and deduct 25 points.

12 Other information Grading Scale ELA: o Major- 60% o Daily- 30% o Homework- 10% Reading Improvement: o Major- 60% o Daily- 40% Major test days: o Monday o Thursday

13 Other information Additional information such as weekly vocabulary words, major assignments, homework, etc. may be found on my website: If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. My conference time is first period, 9:03- 9:54am and the best way is through email. My email address is:

14 Thank you for coming!!!

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