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PEOPLE MANAGEMENT NEOENERGIA June 2011. FEEDBACK Policies Processes Rendering of HR Services HOLDING HR Strategy \\\\\\\\ Training Remuneration and Benefits.

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2 FEEDBACK Policies Processes Rendering of HR Services HOLDING HR Strategy \\\\\\\\ Training Remuneration and Benefits Development Labor Leg. / Personnel Adm. Health and Safety Internal Communication Administration HR Consultancy SERVICE Interface with client areas Client- Areas Concept: Expertise development on HR subsystems. Roles: HR strategy, policies and process definitions. Promote the alignment between all HRs in the group Responsible: Holding Personnel Management. Concept: Rendering of specialized services of Personnel Management. Roles: Ensure the delivery and implantation of the HR policies and processes. Focus on the quality and agility to the client Responsible: Local Personnel Management = Focal Points (Specialists in HR subsystems). Concept: Unique interface service for HR issues with clients. Roles: HR practices alignment with client area Service and support to the client area with exclusive dedication. Responsible: Internal consultant with the technical support of the Local and Holding Specialists team. PLACE HR Services \\\\\\\\\\\ Treinamento Remuneration and Benefits Development Health and Safety Internal Communication Administration Labor Leg. / Personnel Adm. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT ACTING MODEL

3 NEOENERGIA GROUP understands that it will only achieve RESULTS EXCELLENCE with the aid of its COLLABORATORS. MANAGE THROUGH PERFORMANCE Maximize the development of all the companies of the Group through the alignment between People Management practices; ATTRACT AND FIDELIZE Attract, maintain and fidelize key talents and people through the promotion of career opportunities; REMUNERATE AND ACKNOWLEDGE Remunerate and acknowledge in a fair, balanced and competitive way with the market; SUCCESSION PLANNING Ensure the groups continuity, knowledge and longevity in order to guarantee the delivery of medium and long-term strategic objectives COMMUNICATE Ensure the efficient communication in order to guarantee the integration and information flow Between the areas; SAFETY AND SOCIETY To act promoting the sustainability and safety guidelines required to the business operation in its varied fronts. STRATEGY


5 Business and Results Manager People and Team Manager Communicator Educator Negotiator NEOENERGIA COMPETENCES Focus on Result Team Spirit Knowledge and Information Initiative and Proactivity LEADERSHIPCOLLABORATORS

6 ORGANIZATIONAL AND LEADERSHIP COMPETENCES RESULTS People who ensure the Internal Satisfaction and Profitability TRAININGS (Corporate Education) DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Competences + Objectives Formation School (Academic and Functional) Technical and Operational School Corporate School (Business and Behavioral) Leadership School Assessment Potential Mapping ENTRIES Behavioral GAPs Functional Needs Succession Talents Development DEPARTURES Career Management Self-Development COMPETENCES PEOPLE MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT MODEL

7 TECHNICAL COURSE ON ELECTROTECHNICS OBJECTIVE Qualify technicians in electrotechnics to act in the project, installation, planning, maintenance and operation of electric power distribution systems PUBLIC Children of collaborators who worked in Neoenergia Group. Form qualified professionals to act in electric systems. Talent base organization. ACTION

8 Participation of the parents, students, Executives of Neoenergia Group and Representatives from the Teaching Institution Senai. TECHNICAL COURSE ON ELECTROTECHNICS


10 POST GRADUATE COURSE ON DISTRIBUTION ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE PUBLIC ACTION Improve the technical/operational knowledge of new electrical engineers who act in the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of electric systems of distribution. Electric engineers acting in technical areas of Neoenergia Group. Qualify young professionals in the electric engineering area. Promote the interaction and interchange of technical knowledge between collaborators and academicians. Make viable the appropriation of new technologies for the solving of problems in the electric system.


12 FORMATION OF ELECTRICIANS IN DN 15kV OBJECTIVE PUBLIC ACTION Supply the internal demand for electricians in distribution network. Compliance with the Labor Regulating Rules. Insertion of youngsters in the labor market, ensuring the individuals employment in his own community. Capacitate and qualify through the theoretical and practical formation and in conformity with the occupational safety rules and procedures, in order to act as electrician in the distribution network of the company and of partners. Children of collaborators of the Neoenergia Group and members of country communities in several cities of the State of Bahia.

13 ELECTRICIANS FORMATION Theoretical Class Teaching Structure

14 Post-Graduation Policy Graduation Policy FORMATION SCHOOL Purpose: Academic capacitation in themes related to the business. Public: All employees. Language Courses Capacitation in English or Spanish. Performance of the activities inherent to the post or aiming at professional ascension. National or international courses with short duration. Higher Education in subjects pertinent to the business. Performance of the activities inherent to the post or aiming at professional ascension. National courses regulated by the Ministry of Education. Specific technical deepening in business or management themes. Performance of the activities inherent to the post or aiming at professional ascension. National courses regulated by the Ministry of Education or international courses for leadership.

15 Timeline and Local Budget Funcional and Specifc Business Corporate Timeline and Local Budget SPECIFIC BUSINESS AND FUNCTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Internal Consultancy + main Manager/Superintendent of the area Privilege the actions based on the ACF report Local budgetary approval Communication Interpersonal Relations Negotiation GENERAL COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT Sustainability Finances Electric Sector CORPORATE SCHOOL Purpose: Develop technical and behavioral competences turned to the professional formation. Public: Assistants, Analysts and Specialists of the Group. Themes: Defined based on the results of the main GAPs arising from ACF 2010 (Avaliação de Competências Funcionais – Functional Competencies Evaluation).

16 The PGD results are premises for the public survey Performance (skills and attitudes) + Objectives PGD* Potential Mapping Analysts Managers Assessment Managers Target Public Survey Divided into management stages. Focus on the development of the leadership competences turned to the business. Leadership School Identify positions, Map successors and allow the career evolution. Guarantee the fluidity and validation of the development evolution phases. Succession Plan N E W P O S I T I O N Supported by several Internal Communication Actions LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES LEADERSHIP SCHOOL Leadership Development Cycle * Programa de Gestão de Desempenho – Performance Management Program

17 Self Development Management and Business People Dimensions to be developed: Leaderships Development Program based on the Pipeline concept : Assumes the existence of different levels of leadership in an organization. Each level presents different complexity degrees bound to the leaders challenges, his experience, maturity and seniority. It is structured into development trails for each leadership level identified in the organization. Each trail is composed of a set of actions aiming to capacitate the leaders in the different leadership competences, considering their seniority level. LEADERSHIP SCHOOL TRAIL 4 (Directors) TRAIL 3 (Superintendents) TRAIL 2 (Managers) TRAIL 1 (Coordinators)

18 Self-Development Management and Business People MBA Post-Graduation Languages Formation Basic Leadership : Self-knowledge Leadership Concepts Motivation/Acknowledgement Delegation Neoenergia GP Cycle Potential Mapping Structured feedback Motivational interview Specific actions constructed by the collaborator My Moment Management: Planning Organization Trail 1 Potentials, Coordinators and SHP (Small Hydroelectric Plants) Chiefs Strategic People Management: People development Performance and results Assessment 1 (Collective) Structured feedback Motivational interview Specific actions constructed by the collaborator My Moment Management: Strategy Finances Marketing Processes Trail 2 Managers and Hydroelectric Plants Chiefs Management – Executive Lectures Cycle Strategy Innovation Succession Management Review (e-learning: HSM, Mind Quest etc) International Formation 1 Assessment 2 (Individual) Structured feedback Coaching Career Orientation (retirement) Trail 3 Holding Superintendents And Mangers International Formation 2 Mentoring (personal dimension) Trail 4 Directors TARGET PUBLIC LEADERSHIP SCHOOL – ACTIONS 2011

19 Enable new leaders with emphasis in the technical and relational competences Expand their skills on leading multidisciplinary teams and people. Leadership Academy Structure Neoenergia HR cycle and tools (Self-knowledge, attract, develop and retain people) Teams Leadership (delegation process, motivation / acknowledgement.) Guidance for processes and results Collaborative Negotiation Conflict Management (Relationship between pairs) Work planning and organization Macro themes Trail 1 Potentials, Managers and SHP Chiefs

20 Improve the Leadership competences for profitability and sustainability of the business, in a sustainable, ethic and responsible way. Develop skill to deal with the high performance culture, successors formation and talents retention Leadership WITH People (Transformer) Organizational culture and environment management Process management (Operational Efficiency) Results management (Efficient financial management) Collaborative negotiation and strategic alliances Business Strategic Models Macro themes Trail 2 Managers and Hydroelectric Plants Chiefs Leadership Academy Structure

21 Develop the business and people management strategies. Rethink the strategies and the business processes based on the Neoenergia present and emergent challenges. Promote the high performance culture with focus on the business sustainable profitability and innovation culture. Improve the decisions quality and the management of risk factors mapped by Neoenergia. Trail 3 Holding Superintendents and Managers Leadership Academy Structure Strategy for the sustained growth (Macro Sceneries) High Performance in Leadership (Brazil and Madrid at ESADE) Corporate finances and corporate risk management Gestão de Mercados B2B e B2G Innovation in Practice (Creating the Innovation culture) Macro themes

22 Trilha 4 Diretores (P4) Enlarge the strategic and global business view and the skills required from the executives nowadays Improve the leadership skills of Neoenergia directors in the commitment and mobilization of their teams Extend the capacity of suiting the interests of various stakeholders in a competitive environment, seeking a bigger performance Leadership Academy Structure Trail 4 Directors PGA (Programa de Gestão Avançada – Advanced Management Program) / INSEAD, France Executive STC (Skills, Tools & Competencies) / Kellog, EUA Macro themes


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