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The TTRB – from a subject specialist perspective David Lambert.

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1 The TTRB – from a subject specialist perspective David Lambert

2 Background The curriculum in school is under intense pressure resulting in rapid and significant forces to change: –Skills based curriculum (eg RSA Opening Minds) –Personalisation and learning processes (eg learning to learn, and ICTs) –From centralised to localised innovation –Closing the attainment gap –League tables

3 Response? We may welcome some of this! –Localisation and flexibility –Social justice But question some of the possible outcomes –Of a skills and process led curriculum? –Following the negative backwash of league tables: –Curriculum hierarchies –Teaching to the test

4 Some tensions and doubts The values basis of the curriculum –What are its aims and purposes –Any notion of a national entitlement? The implications of current shifts on subjects –How are subjects understood? (has a restricted view taken hold?) –The basis of new appetites for integration

5 twas ever thus? … Long standing tensions between geographers and geographical educationists about the balance of: – subject content – educational processes – social purposes (good causes) (Marsden, B. (1997) On taking the geography out of geographical education, Geography, 82, 3, p 241-252) … take note of what is happening at grass-roots level in schools and in major educational agencies and pressure groups … professionals are increasingly taking things into their own hands (White J 2008 IPPR)

6 Rethinking subjects

7 The role of subjects Geography – not as an end in itself but a resource in the service of educational aims Geography - defined not as a collection of facts but as the state of the art conceptual frameworks of the subject [p 242] That is, a distinctive disciplined enquiry

8 Supporting subject specialist tutors, mentors and teachers Subject resource links Example: geography (GA-led) - GeogEd - Bibliography - Thinkpieces

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