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First teaching in 2010 Brand new qualification for 14-19 year olds in England.

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2 First teaching in 2010 Brand new qualification for 14-19 year olds in England.

3 The vision To equip learners with the skills, knowledge and attributes necessary to help the sport and active leisure industry professionalise and so deliver on its two headline ambitions set with the Government: to leave a lasting legacy of grass-roots participation opportunities following the staging of successful major events and see 50 per cent of the nation active and healthy by 2020

4 How does the Diploma fit with existing qualifications?

5 Diploma content Delivered at three levels: and Foundation, Higher and Advanced Advanced - is equivalent to 3.5 A levels – 420 UCAS points at the highest grade The Advanced Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure is designed to prepare students for further study and employment at higher levels in the industry. It allows for greater specialisation through the specialist learning element. Delivered via three themes: Sport and Active Leisure and the Individual the Economy the Community

6 Components of the Diploma All three levels of the Diploma is a mixture of: Principal learning: develop skills and knowledge from the sport and active leisure industry - 50% must be applied and practical learning. Generic learning: – three functional skills - English, maths and ITC. – six personal, learning and thinking skills - independent enquiry, creative thinking, reflective learning, team working, self-management, effective learning. Additional and/or specialist learning: study of a particular topic in more depth for a successful progression pathway. Project: In a written or practical context. The knowledge, skills and understanding of processes developed through projects support the students progression into employment or further education. Work experience: Students are required to complete a minimum of 10 days work experience as part of the Diploma to gain a better understanding of the workplace. e.g. shadowing a grounds manager at a local stadium or working at the local gym.

7 Scope of the Diploma Includes a wide breadth of the sport and active leisure industry – Sport Fitness Coaching Sports venues/facilities – construction and groundskeeping Spectator safety/stewarding The outdoor industry Youth work Playwork Caravan parks Not all areas may appear in principal learning. Some more likely to be specialist pathways found in additional/specialist learning.

8 The nature of Diploma learning means that students will be self- motivated and have developed strong intellectual and personal skills, which will make the transition from school or college to HE much easier. The Diploma provides a challenging and high-quality programme of learning as robust as three A levels. The flexibility within the Diploma enables you to specify any particular additional and/or specialist learning options to be taken as part of the qualification which reflects your entrance requirements for certain courses. Key messages for higher education

9 " At last, a coherent, bridging framework that can link the different levels of education accessed by 14-19 year olds. The Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure promises to provide the much needed opportunities to gain the relevant and necessary vocational and academic skills needed to engage in employment and/or Higher Education." Lee Tucker, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University "The Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure offers learners an opportunity to benefit from specialist resources and facilities that may introduce them to progression pathways earlier than previously experienced. Andrew Burston, University College Birmingham Advanced Diploma to HE Progression Quotes

10 Where are we now? Four Awarding Bodies accredited to offer Principal Learning aspect of the Diploma. The work on the Additional and Specialist Learning (ASL) aspect of the Diploma is continuing, with the first catalogue for our line out September 09. Over 200 Consortia gained approval to deliver the Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure in 2010, through the Gateway 3 process. Gateway 4 is underway for first teaching in September 2011. Register online Diploma information and access You will be able to find further guidance and supporting documents for download in the resources and links section. You can register at

11 Need more information? Further information and updates are available at This presentation will be available for download in the consortia section – register access online. Consortia guidance Get involved in your local consortia by contacting the 14-19 coordinator at your local authority.

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