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HND Frameworks Launch Sept 2012: Implications for Centres Sharon O’Neil Qualifications Manager

3 HND Frameworks Administration and Information Technology Business
Business with Accounting Business with Human Resource Management Business with Information Technology Business with Marketing Financial Services

4 HND Frameworks start & end dates
Current code HND end date New Code HND start date Administration & IT G872 16 July 2013 GE7W 16 Aug 2012 Business G7V4 16 GE7X 16 Business with Accounting G7M0 16 GE7Y 16 Business with HRM G7M4 16 GE7V 16 Business with IT G7LW 16 GE81 16 Business with Marketing G7M2 16 GE80 16 Financial Services G7LY 16 GE9R 16

5 SEPTEMBER 2010 – start programme
For example……. Student starts 2010, commences HND 2011, student will complete HND programme July 2013 SEPTEMBER 2010 – start programme SEPTEMBER 2011 – start HND JULY 2013 – complete HND Student will graduate having achieved HND Business – G7V4 16 (‘old’ framework)

6 SEPTEMBER 2011 – start programme
For example……. Student starts 2011, commences HND 2012, student will complete HND programme July 2014 SEPTEMBER 2011 – start programme SEPTEMBER 2012 – start HND JULY 2014 – complete HND Student will graduate having achieved HND Business – GE7X 16 (‘new’ framework)

7 This means……. All centres will be delivering 2 HND frameworks (per subject) to 2 different cohorts for one academic year – September 2012 to July 2013. * Use of the correct HND and Unit codes will be particularly important for centres

8 HND frameworks Some new Unit specifications, including Graded Units (F codes and H codes) New Assessment Exemplars (for new Units) New Course Tutor Guide – for each HND Information for all new HNDs on website – Unit specifications and Assessment Exemplars. Information for ‘old’ frameworks on website until the finish date – August 2013

9 HND frameworks cont. Useful resources – SQA Academy
Useful guidance – Error Tolerance Guidance and worked example for Accounting Internal Assessment Reports – specific to China FAQ Documents (issues raised May and September 2012) Update Letters Copies of presentations and materials from September Launch Event

10 HND frameworks cont. Important points to note:
- changes are minor and improve qualifications - Course Tutor Guides (including qualifications framework) available on SQA website - additional information available to help and support centres - full knowledge of revised HND = effective delivery of HND = candidates who achieve = successful centres

11 HND frameworks cont. Centres must check website regularly – Unit specifications, Assessment Exemplars, Course Tutor Guides etc. Additional information on website – to support centres with delivery and assessment Centres will be given Updates via website Assessment Exemplars must remain secure

12 HND frameworks contd. Good Practice for centres to regularly review all materials used and to update as appropriate After August 2013 material from ‘old’ Units/Assessment Exemplars can be used for learning and practice assessment

13 Any questions???



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