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Project management of the Science Baccalaureate Patrick Lawlor Dept. of Applied Science and Computing.

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1 Project management of the Science Baccalaureate Patrick Lawlor Dept. of Applied Science and Computing

2 Bacc delivery 2010-2011 Students 21students enrolled. 8 schools from 3 councils. Students attend FVC on Friday afternoons 1.30-3.30. Some, but not all, schools timetabled for Bacc. Staff 3 lecturers (2 life science, 1 chemistry/ chem. eng) 2 hours each (to end of January) 2 LDWs (shared with Languages bacc). Workshops, reflective logs.

3 Bacc delivery 2010-2011 Rooms. 2 PC rooms 2 Life science labs/ 1 chemistry lab.

4 Bacc delivery 2010-2011 June 2010: three Friday afternoons 1st day: –Introduction to college. –Guest speakers from last years Bacc students. –What is the Bacc/ IP? 2nd day. –Discussed broad contexts. –Possible project titles –Students asked to choose potential project for Day 3.

5 Project requirements Link with and work within different and less familiar learning environments to support the project. Use your knowledge and understanding of science and other areas of learning across the curriculum in one or more of the following broad contexts : employability, enterprise, citizenship, sustainable development and economic development. Changed form from ASP to include justification for choosing broad context.

6 Proposal

7 Success Read through the examples and work out why they are A and C grades. Ensure that any project you choose will fit all the criteria for an A grade, dont just hope that they cover a C grade.

8 Bacc delivery 2010-2011 3rd day: –Discussed projects ideas. –Explained how to complete initial proposal form. Initial proposal form was shortened version which did not cover cognitive and generic skills development. Submission date for initial proposal was 23 rd August

9 2010-2011 August 2010 Reviewed proposals and allocated to lecturer/ supervisor. Used SWOT analysis to help identification of knowledge and skills development in project. Students completed full proposals after discussion. Deadline of 6th September for completed proposals.

10 Project requirements Develop the following cognitive and generic skills: application of subject knowledge and understanding research skills – analysis and evaluation interpersonal skills – negotiation and collaboration planning – time, resource and information management independent learning – autonomy and challenge in own learning problem solving – critical thinking; logical and creative approaches presentation skills self evaluation – recognition of own skills development and future areas for development.

11 Deadlines 2010-2011 StageDate Project started: June 2010 Initial proposal23 rd August 2010 Proposal completion6 th September 2010 Planning stage completion 1 st October 2010 Interim review with tutor 29 th October 2010 Presentation of project findings 17 th December 2010 Submission of project evaluation 14 th January 2011 Submission of Self evaluation 28 th January 2011

12 2009-2010 vs. 2010-2011 Deadlines changed from previous year to aid retention.

13 2010-2011 Deadlines, forms, powerpoints etc available to students on VLE/Moodle. Also access to Mahara e-portfolio/ reflective log.

14 Project planning stage Workshop on planning and project management (Gantt chart etc) Short introduction to Microsoft Project.

15 Key Points Set deadlines early and stick to them. Get a running start- dont focus on forms too much. Complete early – before prelims/ uni offers. Keep group sizes manageable <10 Allow plenty of time for marking/ IV/ assessors comments

16 School/college links School timetables: contact schools early. Transport. Think about staggering attendance. Communication with students: set up email distribution lists /GLOW meet. Bacc champion in school. Single point of contact between school and college.

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