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Blended Learning and the Curriculum Entitlement Framework A Way Forward Coleraine Area Learning Partnership.

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1 Blended Learning and the Curriculum Entitlement Framework A Way Forward Coleraine Area Learning Partnership

2 CALP Schools Ballycastle High School Cross and Passion College Dunluce School Dominican College Garvagh High School Coleraine Academical Institution Coleraine College Coleraine High School Loreto College North Coast Integrated College Sandelford Special School St Josephs College

3 CALP – Who are we there for? 5764 of pupils in our schools combined Special School Sunlea Guidance Unit Catholic Maintained, Integrated, Controlled and Voluntary Grammar NRC

4 CALP Mission Statement The Coleraine Area Learning Partnership is a group of schools who wish to collaborate for the purpose of broadening access to wider curriculum opportunities for the young people in the area. By sharing expertise and resources schools will be in a better position to meet the requirements of the Entitlement Framework at Key Stages 4 and 5.

5 Challenges for Principals A cultural shift from our school to our schools The geography Transport Minority Subjects Timetabling

6 Why Blended Learning? Broaden subject choice (EF 24/27) Preserve under-subscribed subjects Reduce transport costs Minimise timetable disruption

7 CALP Working Groups A Level Irish A Level French A Level Spanish A Level Media Studies OCR National Level 3 Travel and Tourism BTEC Level 2 Travel and Tourism

8 Classic Blended Learning Component Parts of the Blend in a Collaborative Context Induction (All Schools - Joint Sessions) Face-to-Face Learning o Individual schools –lessons / tutorials o All schools - joint workshops o All schools - joint video-conferenced sessions Online Guided Self-Study Student Support / Pastoral Care

9 Post-Primary Classic Blended Learning Environment ONLINE SELF STUDY FACE TO FACE SUPPORT SUPPORT In a post-primary setting, the success of Blended Learning is likely to hinge on the nature and quality of support available to students

10 Blended Learning Interdependent Work Cycle Step 3Preparatory work for face-to-face session ONLINE SELF STUDY FACE TO FACE 1 2 3 Step 2Follow-up work from face-to-face session Step 1Face-to-face session 4 Step 4Guided Self-Study At post-primary level the establishment of an interdependent work cycle is essential in order to ensure student focus during online self-study

11 Progress to Date (1) March 2009: Research paper commissioned May 2009: Paper submitted o Review of current local practice o Analysis & costing of VLEs o Potential of video-conferencing o Proposed theoretical model for blended learning o Recommendations Autumn 2009: Decisions made on subjects November 2009: Work commenced on units

12 Progress to Date (2) January 2010: Moodle chosen as VLE o Site purchased o Existing resources uploaded Sub-group meetings every 4 to 6 weeks June 2010: First unit completed Autumn 2010: Noticeable acceleration in work

13 Progress to Date (3) Shared Learning Experiences in MFL o Activity days o Discussion forums o Joint workshops o Planned joint school trips January 2011: KS4 Travel &Tourism group Autumn 2011: OCR Level 3 Travel & Tourism ready for market Autumn 2011: Pilot scheme in French & Irish

14 CALP Moodle

15 Variety of Learning Resources Text-based resources PowerPoint presentations Images Videos and animations Podcasts Web links Self-marking puzzles, quizzes and games Coursework assignments Other assessment tasks (homeworks etc.) Revision exercises and tests Learning resources for each topic or unit of work may include:

16 Planning Blended Courses Emphasis on Quality of Learning Experience Schools to agree what a quality online learning experience looks like Language teams to plan delivery of AS with all three components combined – Face to Face, Collaborative activities (Video Conferencing included) and Online Role of Online Tutor crucial OLTE Various models being explored at the moment

17 Advantages to having experience with both: Having a trial run Getting to know the VLE Having time to prepare worthwhile courses Gaining first hand experience of what it means to be an online tutor & time commitment involved Understanding the importance of a variety of resources/ activities

18 Design an online programme Design assessments and rubrics for the online programme Implement online programme Demonstrate effective online tutor skills Review and evaluate the online programme Demonstrate the characteristics of a good online learner by being an active and constructive member of a collaborative online learning community

19 Addressing CALP Blended Learning Groups within the partnership Working with colleagues with the intention of improving the use of the school VLE Piloting AS Irish from September 2011 which will involve reduced timetabling & a programme of activities for the year Completing an OLTE graduate course where additional sub cover is provided for teachers who wish to move online learning forward in their school

20 Issues Arising Teachers Perceptions including the needs of the Online Learner Impact on Pupils – planning phase Parents support

21 Strategic Issues for Partnership Ongoing capacity building Keeping up with new technologies Bringing on board other minority subjects

22 Blended Learning and the Curriculum Entitlement Framework A Way Forward Coleraine Area Learning Partnership

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