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Efficient Browser Usage Work SMARTER not HARDER..

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1 Efficient Browser Usage Work SMARTER not HARDER.

2 Smarter Searching Video

3 Chrome Omnibox Google Chrome combines the search bar and the address bar into one bar, known as the Omnibox. It offers suggestions for websites or potential web searches as you type. It makes navigating the Web faster and easier.

4 New Tabs in Chrome Chrome allows you to open multiple websites in the same window using tabs. Press the NEW TAB button. HINT: CTRL + T gives you a new tab too.

5 Switching Between Tabs When you have multiple tabs open in Chrome, you may need to switch between them. Press the different TABS to toggle. HINT: CTRL + 1 gives you the first tab. CTRL + 2 gives you the second tab.

6 Moving Tabs You can click & drag tabs horizontally on the tab bar. You can click & drag tabs down to create a new window.

7 Chrome Menu The CHROME MENU offers access to many features including settings, your browsing history, downloads and bookmarks.

8 Downloading Files A big part of life in a 1:1 school, is accessing resources off the internet through Moodle and other websites. To download a file from the internet, either: Click the file Right-click & Save Link As

9 Finding Downloaded Files A DOWNLOADS FOLDER can also be found with your other folders in Windows Explorer. Documents you download from the internet can be accessed from the DOWNLOADS BAR above the taskbar.

10 Finding Downloads in Chrome Documents you download from the internet can be accessed in the Chrome menu under DOWNLOADS. Once you’ve found them, don’t forget to save them.

11 Benefits of Social Bookmarking Organize, store, manage & search for bookmarks of resources online Bookmarks follow you everywhere Unlimited bookmarks stored in one place

12 Show Bookmark Toolbar Go to the Chrome MENU. Go to SETTINGS.


14 Show Add the Bookmark Manager Bookmarks help you work more effectively by helping you “REMEMBER” where you find important information. Go To: Chrome Menu – Bookmarks – Bookmark Manager

15 Bookmarking in Chrome Access the BOOKMARK THIS PAGE icon to the right of the URL search bar.

16 Creating Folders “On the Fly” When you want to bookmark a site and do NOT have a folder pre-created, you can make one “on the fly.” Step 1: Select the Step 2: EDIT Step 3: NEW FOLDER

17 Practice Bookmarking When you press the the menu will expand, showing you folder options. LET’S TRY IT Step 1: In the Chrome search bar type: Romeo and Juliet Step 2: Scroll down until you see: Step 3: Select to bookmark it in Chrome.

18 Creating Bookmark Folders Select EDIT. Select NEW FOLDER. Name it English. Don’t forget to SAVE.

19 Questions?

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