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UGANDA – natural ecosystems

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1 UGANDA – natural ecosystems
Lake Victoria

2 On the equator but over 1000 metres high up
Fishing industry too River Nile starts here Lush vegetation

3 River Nile Flows northwards

4 River Nile flows north across whole country
Difficult to cross Useful water for irrigation for farming Downriver of Murchison Falls - some 400 kms from Lake Victoria The river Nile is full of Hippos and crocodiles so.. … Do not go swimming!


6 Mount Elgon – the highest mountain in the east
A National Park - near the border with Kenya An extinct volcano This is the main area where… … Coffee is grown - A very valuable cash crop 4321metres – 8th highest in Africa

7 Dry savannah grassland in the north
Near the border with Sudan

8 The north of Uganda is a large plateau.
It is drier and so there is Savannah grassland – with fewer trees Wild animals include herds of zebras and giraffes Trees include the deciduous acacia The grass is green in the summer rainy season but brown in the dry season The grass can grow 2metres tall

9 The highest mountains are here in the Ruwenzori massif
Highland in the south west near the border with Rwanda and The Congo. There are many National Parks here e.g. Bwindi

10 The Bwindi National Park is sometimes called the …
… Impenetrable Forest Park The area has had wars recently and is unsafe Keeping down tourist numbers There is some poaching of creatures like the mountain gorillas.

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