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PowerPoint Vocabulary

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1 PowerPoint Vocabulary
Computer Technology

2 PowerPoint A presentation graphics program that you can use to organize and present information. 3/28/2017 Jensen

3 Transition A feature in PowerPoint that decides how one slide leaves the screen and the next one appears. 3/28/2017 Jensen

4 Animation Making your graphics come to life by making them move.
3/28/2017 Jensen

5 Presentation Views Normal View – Main editing view which you use to write and design your presentation Slide Sorter View – View your slides in thumbnail form. Gives you an overall picture of your slide show. Easy to reorder, add, or delete slides. 3/28/2017 Jensen

6 Presentation Views Slide Show View – Actual slide show presentation, full screen. Notes Page – Allows you to enter notes that reference content but will not show during presentation. 3/28/2017 Jensen

7 Slide Layout The way all the elements are arranged on a slide. Title
Bulleted List Clip Art (Graphic) 3/28/2017 Jensen

8 A Title Slide Goes First
Project Title Your Name, Class Hour (The following slide is a good example..) 3/28/2017 Jensen

9 Geography Elisa Taylor, 2nd Hour

10 Introduction Include an introductory slide
Use a bullet for major concepts Like an agenda (The following slide is a good example) 3/28/2017 Jensen

11 Introduction Culture Traditions Foods Flag Interesting Facts 3/28/2017

12 Design Layout This should compliment Theme Audience Content
The following slide is a bad example 3/28/2017 Jensen

13 The Creatures of the Desert Geography
Elisa Taylor, 2nd Hour

14 7 x 7 Rule Seven words per line, or less
Seven bullets per slide, or less Add an additional slide, if necessary Too many words are distracting Be brief Font at least 18 point, but use 24 point or larger when possible 3/28/2017 Jensen

15 7 x 7 Rule Creating a slide that has too many lines is often very distracting, difficult to read, and slows the flow of the presentation. You will want to be sure to follow this rule. If you don’t, you will lose points! 3/28/2017 Jensen

16 Graphics Apply appropriate graphics to your PowerPoint I Love Summer!
3/28/2017 Jensen

17 Apply animation where appropriate
3/28/2017 Jensen

18 Spelling & Grammar Dount fore get too spel chek AND
Prof reed ure prezuntashon! Don't forget to spell check Proofread your presentation! 3/28/2017 Jensen

19 Summary Include a summary slide Bullet main points
Very similar to the Introduction Slide Place before the Closing Slide Always include a Reference Slide Be accurate and factual (DON’T PLAGIARIZE!) 3/28/2017 Jensen

20 Closing Slide Similar to Title Slide Change layout
Add something related to presentation NOT – The end NOT – Thanks for watching 3/28/2017 Jensen

21 References Bower, K. W. (1996). Ethics and Computing. Computer Society Press. Hilton, T. (2002, October 23). Ethics Teaching Module. Retrieved from Utah State University. 3/28/2017 Jensen

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