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Manager Meeting August 2012 1. 5 Componants 2 Vegetable Fruit Meat / Meat Alternative Grains Milk.

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1 Manager Meeting August 2012 1

2 5 Componants 2 Vegetable Fruit Meat / Meat Alternative Grains Milk

3 Elementary 3 and at least 2 other componants 1/2 cup Fruit or Vegetable

4 Offer vs. Serve (why we do it) Minimizes food waste Students may refuse some items and the meal is still reimbursable Defines minimum that students must take A minimum number of components A minimum portion size 4

5 Definitions Food component One of five food groups for a reimbursable meals Example: Grain Food item or Menu Item An actual specific food offered within the five food components Example: Hamburger Items may have more than one component. Hamburger: Meat/Grain 5

6 Components vs. Items Turkey Sandwich 2 components 1 item Pizza 2 components 1 item Pasta 1 Item 1 component 6

7 Offer vs. Serve Whats the Same? Offer the full serving requirement for each component. What has changed? 7 Students may decline two of the five components Students must take a fruit or vegetable and 2 other full components. FYI: It takes 1 cup of Salad to equal ½ cup of vegetable component Creamie, Jello, and Chocolate Pudding, Do not count for anything. Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing !

8 8 It is easier to identify the grain, meat/meat alternate and milk. The requirement for Elementary School for fruits and vegetables is trickier because ½ cup of fruit or ½ cup of vegetable is the minimum component but because of offer vs serve, students may take a variety of fruits and/or vegetables to equal ½ cup. Easier vs. Trickier

9 Offer vs. Serve for Lunch School Must Offer: Fruit Vegetable Grains Meat/Meat Alternate Milk Student Must Take: Fruit or Vegetable Plus 2 full components ½ cup of the fruit or vegetable must be taken May be a combination of fruits and vegetables 9 Two full components must be selected in addition to the fruit or vegetable Each required menu item must be available for students to take or refuse throughout the meal service.

10 Offer vs. Serve for Lunch --You be the judge Menu: turkey, broccoli, peaches, salad, roll, creamie, milk Turkey, roll, milk Roll, ½ cup broccoli, milk ½ peaches, ½ cup broccoli, milk Turkey, ½ cup salad, milk Turkey, 1 cup Salad, milk Turkey, ½ cup peaches, roll, milk Turkey, ¼ c peaches, ¼ c broccoli Turkey, ½ cup broccoli, creamie Menu: cheese pizza, carrots, apples, milk Pizza, ½ cup carrots, milk Pizza, ¼ c carrots, ¼ c apples Pizza, milk 10

11 OVS for Breakfast SY 2012-2013 Offer Vs Serve: Must offer 4 items in 3 component groups Grains (optional meat/meat alternate substitution) Fruit Milk One additional item (Juice) Students may refuse one 11 If new meal pattern is followed Minimum offered fruit: 1/2 cup for all grades Students are not required to take fruit if OVS

12 Identifying a Reimbursable Meal Students must be able to identify a reimbursable meal at or near the beginning of the serving line. (Menu Boards) POS (Point of Service) adults to identify reimbursable meal 12 Will need to know components Will need to know minimum serving sizes

13 Identifying a Reimbursable Meal 13

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