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Revised Environmental Site Assessment Guidelines & Asbestos Inspection Guidelines for Bridges.

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1 Revised Environmental Site Assessment Guidelines & Asbestos Inspection Guidelines for Bridges

2 Revised Environmental Site Assessment Guidelines

3 Developed in April 2009 Revised with All Appropriate Inquiry as it relates to Environmental Site Assessment under NEPA

4 No ROW ESA Screening Formerly ESA Screening by Appendix C Used for sites or projects with: Little or No ROW acquisition Deep excavation expected BUSTR file(s) to be reviewed Restricted to identification of PCS for material management concerns

5 Phase I ESA If an ODOT ESA Screening includes an ODOT GIS regulatory database search, another regulatory database search will not be conducted Interviews Interview current and past owners/tenants If an owner and/or tenant refuses to be interviewed, or can not be reached, document the attempts Occasionally, an owner will contact ODOT to deny access to property. ODOT will inform consultant not to enter. This is to be documented in the report

6 Phase I ESA, cont ODOTs Office of Aerial Engineering is the preferred source for historical aerials Historical aerials begin in 1938 May be obtained digitally Typically more available and of better quality Aerials are free of charge from the Office of Aerial Engineering to prime consultant for projects that have been assigned a Project Identification Number (PID) If a database search firm does not have historical aerials, this does not release the consultant from the requirement of obtaining historical aerials.

7 Phase I ESA, cont Document the last date of use for USTs to determine if it is an orphan UST (last use before 11/8/84) Do not rely on database search firms for directories Unlike fire insurance maps, directory companies have not been consolidated making the information obtained from a database company less reliable Unlike AAI, ODOT does not obtain property access for Phase I ESA investigations Landowner notification letter may be sent by ODOT or the prime consultant

8 Phase I ESA Updates Project specific and not time dependant as in AAI OES determines if an update is needed and the information required Why? ODOT typically goes into negotiations with regulatory agencies on sites of concern ODOT Districts monitor project areas for significant changes and notify OES when there are concerns

9 Phase II ESA Discussion on Right of Entry ODOT and/or their consultants may enter site as per ORC§163.03 and ORC §5517.01 ODOT or prime consultant sends Landowner Notification Letter If consultant is denied access, contact ODOT DEC and prime consultant (if applicable) ODOT will confer with landowner(s) to resolve any issues If still denied, ODOT will determine the necessity of Phase II ESA on the site. If necessary, consultant may be escorted on site by law enforcement (extremely rare)

10 Phase II ESA, cont Any change in the scope of work requires prior approval from OES Examples: multiple samples from 1 soil boring sent to lab, or additional borings placed on a site Prohibited field changes Water samples are not to be substituted for soil samples PID, FID, and OVA readings are not substitutes for lab analysis; one sample per boring should be sent off for lab analysis.

11 Planning, Production & Real Estate Acquisition Details how ODOT acquires contaminated property Consultants could be asked to: Conduct additional environmental site assessment studies Prepare remedial options and estimated costs report May be used to support reduction of property value Attend meetings with ODOT and/or regulatory agencies

12 Asbestos Inspection Guidelines For Bridges September 13, 2010

13 Asbestos Inspection Guidelines for Bridges Bridges are considered structures and require inspection Arranged by the DEC Conducted under NESHAP, prior to completion of Stage 3 plans and is outside of the NEPA process NESHAP requires notification of all structures that will be demolished and certain structures that will be renovated Inspections are performed to determine the amount of Asbestos present, which is needed to complete the renovation/demolition notification requirements of NESHAP

14 Asbestos Inspection Guidelines for Bridges, cont Inspections are to be conducted on the entire structure Asbestos Inspection proposals must include all costs, including any equipment needed to fully inspect the bridge If there are any issues, contact either OES or the DEC Requires a letter report and includes partially filled out the OEPA Notification of Demolition and Renovation form Consultant fills out sections I, II, III, IV, VI, and VII of the OEPA Notification of Demolition and Renovation form

15 Asbestos Inspection Guidelines for Bridges, cont Letter Report includes Date of inspection Location of structure District Headquarters address and phone number Name, signature, and asbestos hazard evaluation number of person who wrote report How the sampling locations were determined Analytical report

16 Asbestos Inspection Guidelines for Bridges, cont Name, signature and asbestos hazard evaluation specialist number of each person who collected samples Blueprint, diagram, or written description of the following Type of material, location and amount of confirmed ACM Sample location and date of each bulk sample Location and amounts of suspected ACM, friable and nonfriable

17 Asbestos Inspection Guidelines for Bridges, cont The notification form is provided to the contractor who will comply with any remaining NESHAP requirements, fully complete the form, and send it into the OEPA During construction, asbestos handling procedures are addressed by the following: On bridges in Construction and Materials Specification (CMS) 202.03 Concrete water pipe in CMS 202.04 Additional information may be found in the Construction Manual of Procedure under sections 202.03 and 202.04


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