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PlansFreedmenJohnsonLimiting RtsConstitution Miscellaneous 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 400 500 Final Final Jeopardy.

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3 PlansFreedmenJohnsonLimiting RtsConstitution Miscellaneous Final Final Jeopardy

4 Plans- 100 This plan was written by Lincoln: –10% of voters swore loyalty –Must abolish slavery JeopardyAnswer

5 Answer- Plans 100 What is the 10% plan? Jeopardy

6 Plans- 200 Why did Lincolns plan never end up taking place? jeopardy Answer

7 Answer- Plans 200 Assassination by John Wilkes Booth Jeopardy

8 Plans- 300 The three conditions of Johnsons Plan jeopardy Answer

9 Answer- plans 300 Majority swore loyalty Ratify 13 th amendment Former confederates could vote and hold office Jeopardy

10 Plans- 400 The conditions of the Reconstruction Acts jeopardy Answer

11 Answer- plans 400 Disband state governments Write new constitutions Ratify 14 th amendments African American men allowed to vote Jeopardy

12 Plans - 500

13 The major difference between congressional and presidential reconstruction plans jeopardy Answer

14 Answer- DAILY DOUBLE Congressional was more strict, they wanted the south to pay for the Civil War Jeopardy

15 Freedmen- 100 This agency gave food and clothing to former slaves. jeopardy Answer

16 Answer Freedmen- 100 What is the Freedmens Bureau

17 Freedmen- 200 Things Southern Democrats did in the south to prohibit racial equality jeopardy Answer

18 Answer- Freedmen 200 What is Black Codes Jeopardy

19 Freedmen- 300 This group in congress supported the newly freedmen, they protected their rights jeopardy Answer

20 Answer Freedmen- 300 Radical Republicans Jeopardy

21 Freedmen- 400 Many African Americans remained on old plantations as poor jeopardy Answer

22 Answer Freedmen- 400 Sharecroppers Jeopardy

23 Freedmen- 500 List two ways the Bureau helped newly freed slaves jeopardy Answer

24 Answer –Freedmen 500 Education Clothing Land jobs

25 Johnson- 100 This man was assassinated and therefore Johnson became president Answer jeopardy

26 Answer- Johnson 100 Lincoln

27 Johnson- 200 This is the reason why Johnson was impeached jeopardy

28 Answer J- 200 He refused to support Radical Reconstruction

29 Johnson- 300 This group charges the president in an impeachment case jeopardy

30 Answer- j300 House of Representatives Jeopardy

31 Johnson- 400 This group tries the case in an impeachment trial Answer jeopardy

32 Answer- J 400 Senate Jeopardy

33 Johnson- 500 Who was elected the next president after Johnsons tenure in the White House Answer jeopardy

34 Answer- J 500 Ulysses S. Grant Jeopardy

35 Limiting Rights- 100 This group developed in the south- they burned blacks houses and white sympathizers houses Answer jeopardy

36 Answer LR- 100 Ku Klux Klan Jeopardy

37 Limiting rights- 200 These were designed to limit the rights of newly freed slaves. Blacks were not permitted to gather in some states. Answer jeopardy

38 Limiting rights- 200 Black Codes Jeopardy

39 Limiting Rights- 300 Blacks were forced to pay this if they wanted to vote Answer jeopardy

40 Answer LR- 300 What are poll taxes Jeopardy

41 Limiting Rights- 400 This tested African Americans knowledge of the constitution, they had to pass if they wanted to vote. answer jeopardy

42 Answer- LR- 400 Literacy tests jeopardy

43 Limiting Rights 500 Former slaves became this because they had no other options. Basically they were slaves again, tied to the land. answer jeopardy

44 Answer- lr500 Sharecroppers jeopardy

45 Constitution- 100 This amendment freed slaves. Answer jeopardy

46 Answer- C th jeopardy

47 Constitution- 200 The 14 th amendment did this (2 parts). answer jeopardy

48 Answer constitution 200 Gave citizenship to all and said all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law. jeopardy

49 Constitution- 300 This amendment guaranteed freed men the right to vote. answer jeopardy

50 Answer- constitution th

51 Constitution- 400 This court case ruled that Separate is equal answer jeopardy

52 Answer c 400 Plessy V. Ferguson jeopardy

53 Constitution- 500 As a result of Plessy V. Ferguson this practice was considered legal Answer jeopardy

54 Answer- C 500 Segregation jeopardy

55 Miscellaneous- 100 This was an act of violence – being killed by a mob (hanging) answer jeopardy

56 Answer m 100 Lynching jeopardy

57 Miscellaneous200 These people were northerners who went south to seek fortunes Answer jeopardy

58 Answer- m- 200 Carpetbaggers jeopardyjeopard

59 Miscellaneous-300 These were white southern republicans answer jeopardy

60 Answer- m 300 Scalawags jeopardy

61 Miscellaneous- 400 This person became president even though he did not win the popular vote answer jeopardy

62 Answer- m 400 Rutherford B. Hayes

63 Miscellaneous- 500 The year reconstruction ended answer jeopardy

64 Answer m jeopardy

65 Final Jeopardy Describe effects of reconstruction on the south

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