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Unit 10 : Obsessions Grammar.

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1 Unit 10 : Obsessions Grammar

2 She has been waiting since 9 o’clock this morning.

3 They have been living in this house for 6 months.

4 I have been writing my essay.

5 She has been waiting since 9 o’clock this morning.
We have been living with them for 6 months. I have been writing my essay. Subject have / has been V-ing Contracted form : S’ve been v-ing S’s been v-ing

6 Present perfect continuous tense

7 Negative form : S +have/has + not + been +V-ing Ex: I haven’t been writing my essay. Intergrogative form : Have /has + S + been + V-ing …? Ex : Have you been writing your essay ?

8 Question form : How long + have/has + S + v-ing …? Ex: How long have you been working here? How long has she been waiting? How long have they been studying English?

9 Uses The present perfect continuous expresses :
An activity began in the past and is continuing now Ex: I’ve been studying English for 3 years A temporary activity Ex: She’s been living in this house for the past few months.

10 Uses A past activity that has caused a present result
I’ve been working all day ( I’m tired now) Have you been crying ? ( Your eyes are wet ) Roger’s been cutting the grass? (I can smell it)

11 Notes state verbs rarely take the continuous form have, love, like,see,understand, think… Ex : I’ve had this book for ages I’ve always loved sunny days

12 Present prefect simple vs continuous
The simple expresses a complete action.we use it with if the sentences give numbers or quantity Some verbs are often used in the simple like : find, start, buy, die,lose, break, stop. An activity over a period and things that happened during the activity. Some verbs are often used in continous form like : wait, work, play, try,learn, rain.

13 Time expressions They have been studying together for ten years.
My family has been living here since June. She hasn’t been working since her baby was born.

14 for since time point clause
time period since time point clause

15 More examples I’ve been reading all day.
Tom’s been playing in the yard since he came back home. It has been raining for three days. They have been learning Chinese for 3 years. Has your mother been cooking in the kitchen ?

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