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Student Internet Use Tutorial and Agreement Modesto City Schools August 2011.

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1 Student Internet Use Tutorial and Agreement Modesto City Schools August 2011


3 DISTRICT LOGIN AND PASSWORD Everyone that logs in to the MCS network must use their own user number and password Never login with someone elses login Protect your password and never share it with anyone other than your parents

4 DISTRICT LOGIN AND PASSWORD Another student cant get logged in to the network and asks you if he can use your login. Which of the following responses would be the best? A. Mary is done, go ask her B. Sorry, I dont want to lose my Internet access if we get caught. C. Sure, just let me finish this really quick. D. Why dont you ask the teacher if you can use her login? Check for Understanding

5 NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY Your use of the Internet may be monitored (watched) by network administrators Your parents can request investigations of your Internet use Everything you research or write using the Districts Internet is considered public information and should not be considered private

6 NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY District administrators cannot look at my Internet use. A. TRUE B. FALSE Check for Understanding

7 INTERNET FILTER The District has an Internet safety filter which blocks access to most bad websites I cannot bypass or tamper with the filter Just because a bad website accidentally makes it past our Internet filter doesnt mean I can look at it I will be responsible and I will report a bad website to my teacher immediately

8 INTERNET FILTER I am allowed to look at any website that isnt blocked by the filter, even if it has inappropriate pictures on it. A. TRUE B. FALSE Check for Understanding

9 FILE SHARING AND STORAGE Network storage folders provided to students should only be used for classroom assignments Students shall not use these folders for the storage of music, video, photos or personal files

10 FILE SHARING AND STORAGE My student folder is a great place for me to save my favorite music and photo files that I brought in on my flash drive. A. TRUE B. FALSE Check for Understanding


12 PERSONAL INFORMATION Never give your full name, address, address, phone number, school name, or picture to anyone you meet online People you meet online may not be who they claim to be

13 PERSONAL INFORMATION Which of the following would be ok to share in an online website? A. My name and the school I go to. B. My first name and phone number. C. My first name and the state I live in. D. My address and photo. Check for Understanding

14 SOCIAL NETWORKING SAFETY Do not post information that would help other people to find you, such as your phone number or information about your schedule

15 SOCIAL NETWORKING SAFETY A friend on Facebook that you have never met wants you to post your phone number so he can call you to tell you about his new band. He assures you its no big deal. You should: A. Include your phone number without the area code in a wall post B. Not give your phone number to anyone that you have never met besides on the Internet C. Give him your number, he must be who he says he is Check for Understanding

16 INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR Fight Pages - the posting of fight pages is considered a disruption of the educational process and will result in discipline proceedings as per the Student Conduct Code.

17 INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR Cyberbullying The same things that happen on the playground can also happen online. Cyberbullying means being cruel to other kids online But, unlike the playground, bullying through instant messaging or social networks (Facebook, etc.) means victims can be targeted any time, anywhere

18 INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR Here is what you should do if someone is cyberbullying you: Talk with someone you trust Do not respond to cyberbullying Keep evidence of cyberbullying Block the person who is cyberbullying you Report the incident to your school Ask for help

19 INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR Which of the following should you NOT do if someone is bullying you online? A.Talk with someone you trust B.Respond to the cyberbully via by calling them names C.Report the incident to your school D.Ask for help

20 CYBERPREDATORS A Cyber predator uses the Internet to hunt for victims to take advantage of (be mean to) in anyway, including sexually, emotionally, psychologically or financially Cyber predators know how to lie to kids, creating trust and friendship where none should exist

21 UNSOLICITED If you receive any unwanted messages that are threatening or make you feel bad, you need to report them to your teacher or parent


23 COPYRIGHT and PLAGIARISM You automatically own the copyright to whatever you write, draw or create This means no one can use what you made without your permission *

24 COPYRIGHT and PLAGIARISM Copyrighted works on the Internet include news stories, software, novels, graphics, pictures and Almost everything on the Internet is protected by copyright law *

25 COPYRIGHT and PLAGIARISM Which of the following are OK to do on the Internet? A. Post a PowerPoint presentation that includes a Katy Perry song as a background. B. Copy photos from a friends Facebook page and post them on my wall. C. Post photographs I shot while on vacation on my Facebook page.

26 COPYRIGHT and PLAGIARISM To "plagiarize" means to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own to use (another's production) without crediting the source to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source In other words, plagiarism is an act of cheating. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward.

27 COPYRIGHT and PLAGIARISM Its ok to copy information directly from Wikipedia because most teachers dont like Wikipedia. A. TRUE B. FALSE

28 CITE YOUR SOURCES If your project contains quotes, movies, sounds or pictures that you didnt create, you will need to cite your sources.

29 This means giving the author proper credit in your project or any other work you create. HOW TO CITE YOUR SOURCES

30 HARMFUL OR INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL Prohibited (bad) material may not be accessed by students at any time for any purpose Just because the district filter did not block an inappropriate website does not make it okay to view if it contains prohibited (bad) material Be responsible

31 HARMFUL OR INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL Your friend accidentally found a photograph of a naked person on the Internet while using the schools computer. A. Since it made it past the filter you should see if hes lying and check it out using your login. B. Tell him to report it to the teacher and immediately leave the website. C. Post it on your Facebook page.

32 UNETHICAL OR ILLEGAL PRACTICES Students shall not use the network system (Internet) to: – encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, – commit any activity prohibited by law, Board policy, or administrative regulations. Students shall not use the district systems to do criminal acts.

33 NETIQUETTE Netiquette describes the rules for online behavior especially in , IM, forums and chat rooms. General Principles Show respect to other cultures and traditions Tell the truth in your profiles Do not send personal insults (Flames) Dont spam

34 NETIQUETTE Spelling and Grammar Capitalize your words correctly The same goes for correct spelling Never ever use all-capitals because it's commonly interpreted to mean that you're shouting Try to punctuate your posts properly, especially when asking questions

35 NETIQUETTE Which of the following netiquette rules is NOT correct? A. Correct spelling is important. B. Avoid using all caps because it means you are shouting. C. Proper punctuation (using., ! ?) is NOT important in Instant Messaging.

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