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Introduction to PDA in Education. Objective The main objective of the seminar is to introduce both students and teachers on using PDAs in school. Topics.

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1 Introduction to PDA in Education

2 Objective The main objective of the seminar is to introduce both students and teachers on using PDAs in school. Topics covered include What is PDA? Various types of PDAs? Why is it becoming increasingly popular? Why will it benefit me? What role will PDAs play for me at work and home?

3 What is PDA? Personal Digital Assistant It is a small, compact portable computer that only performs a certain amount of tasks. It is a digital PIM Personal Information Manager Entertainment Center Portable Office – Electronic Secretary Communication Centre

4 Kewl….where do I get one? Hold on….need to think… Need to know which one you want. Just like computers, you need to know what operating system (O/S) you want to use? Each OS have their own pros and cons Really depends on the user…thats YOU

5 PDA O/S: Most popular but is not the most original PDA OS Very first one was Apple Newton Palm started under 3Com and now has other clones such as Handspring, Sony, just to name a few Dominates about 80% of market More companies are switching from standard PDA to SmartPhones

6 PDA O/S: + Cross platform to Windows and Macintosh easily +/- Integrates to Office products with use of 3 rd party software (Document to Go or QuickOffice) + More economical models - Not 100% multimedia Adobe Acrobat – yes Web – yes Flash – no RealAudio - no + More shareware than any other OS Used widely on campuses Networking is tricky

7 PDA O/S: Previously PocketPC and WindowsCE Combines WindowsMobile TabletPC Like duh…Microsoft!!! Gaining popularity

8 PDA O/S: + Costly More affordable equipment are coming out - Platform Works mostly with Windows There are kits available to work with Macintosh + Integrates with Office beautifully Isnt that a surprise??? + Multimedia Acrobat – yes Flash – yes Web - yes

9 PDA O/S: Wireless connections to LAN and Network is stronger Works with Bluetooth better than Palm Shareware is exploding New ones everyday

10 PDA O/S: Pocket LINUX Relatively new… Introduced in 2002 with Sharp Zarus Linux combined with Java LINUX was developed by Linus Torvalds LINUX is becoming more popular in 2003 The movie Sinbad this year was made entirely on LINUX LINUX is more secured and economical

11 - Not 100% compatible to MS Office - Not as many shareware available Almost no educational…yet + Affordable + Fast + Secured PDA O/S: Pocket LINUX

12 Ok…so which one should I get? Have to ask yourself What kind of environment do I want to work with? Palm vs. WindowsMobile vs. PocketLINUX vs. J2ME What kind of things do I plan to do on the PDA? What kind of money am I willing to spend? PDA, Shareware, Accessories What desktop software do I plan to use in conjunction with the PDA?

13 Why are PDAs becoming increasingly popular? Mobility Allow use of recording information, including a database and synchronize both home and office Ideal use for Microsoft Applications, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Reader Mobile entertainment Listen to music on PDAs

14 Why are PDAs becoming increasingly popular? Communication Popular use of Wireless communications Can use wired communications too Special cards are used Access network with PDAs at home, office, and even Starbucks Coffee with TMobile HotSpot Many high school and college campuses are using wireless communications for use with PDAs

15 Why are PDAs becoming increasingly popular? Security Information on PDA are often times more secured than your laptop Some PDAs can be set up for finger printing access PDAs can also be stolen too Get those extended warranties

16 What role will PDA play in the classrooms? According to research done by Syllabus magazine, there is an indication of a growth of campuses utilizing mobile computing technology It includes PDAs, laptops and TabletPC Pasadena City College just completed their wireless network, allowing instructors and students to link to the network WebCT is working on PDA versions of their CMS

17 What role will PDA play in the classrooms? Attention and retention is higher because students can take notes on their laptops, and/or PDAs and take it home and work from that. May even help remind them cues from lectures Most students will work faster and more efficient on digital technology

18 What role will PDA play in the classrooms? For the teacher, it will make classroom administration and regular classroom tasks easier Have you ever wanted to jot down something that came up during a lecture or in a conversation with a student and you need to write it down With a PDA close at hand, grab it, write it, done! Can check e-mail regularly

19 What role will PDA play in the office? eBooks are becoming more and more popular tool of reading Microsoft Reader and Adobe Acrobat eBooks can be bought online, download and install

20 Conclusion PDAs are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable, making it easier for schools, faculty, staff, and students to work digitally whenever possible Research indicates that using digital technology in the classroom is attractive to students and faculty alike, therefore increasing attendance, retention and participation.

21 Conclusion If you use a PDA as a habit, it can help you manage your schedule, work and even lifestyle, allowing you to spend more quality time with your students, family, and friends If you are new, you must make it a habit to use it…a discipline that takes time

22 PDA References Shareware

23 PDA References Books for Palm Palm Computing for Dummies How to Do Everything with your Palm Handheld Palm Handhelds Visual QuickStart Guide Books for WindowsMobile Unauthorized Guide to WindowsMobile How to Do Everything with WindowsMobile

24 Buying a PDA Make sure to take advantage of your academic price GovConnection Tim Vanassee – 800-800-0019, x 33365 CDWG Michelle Joyce – 866-222-2884 TRC (approved by Chancellor Office) Tim Lilly – 800-517-2320. x 207

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