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S C S U Technology Update FY06. Technology for Teaching and Learning.

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1 S C S U Technology Update FY06

2 Technology for Teaching and Learning


4 Electronic Classroom Support Successfully upgraded and retrofitted all e- classrooms to a new control/management system. Began implementation of an equipment replacement schedule for the majority of e- classrooms. Integrated the Helpdesk interface into each e- classroom.

5 ITV/Video Conferencing Performed a state- mandated upgrade to the entire network to improve the ability to interconnect with other regional networks. Upgraded all control systems and 90% of the transmission systems to reduce down time. Redesigned the operations center to better incorporate the upgrades.


7 ITV/Video Conferencing Added a second Mediasite system to meet demand. Allows the end user to participate from any location with an Internet- connected computer and a telephone, instead of going to an ITV site. Sessions are recorded and can be viewed afterwards, or incorporated into D2L

8 74% increase 34% increase

9 §

10 Research/Instruction Tools Continue to add online tools to assist with research and instruction Course Quickstart was added, with content for 46 different courses

11 § drop due to change in database aggregator contracts §


13 Technology for Students

14 General Access Computer Lab Locations

15 14 Open Labs (386 Computers) 7 Miller Center Labs (193 Computers) 31 Discipline Related Labs (788 Computers) ---------------------------------------------------------- 52 Total Labs (1367 Computers)

16 Student Training 101 Software workshops offered on 17 different topics; 1,279 students attended, a 97% increase over the previous year. This included special sessions for First Year Experience, College 150, and In- coming Orientation. 293 Library instruction sessions, 6,299 students attended


18 OS Change Comparison OS Change Comparison

19 Technology for Faculty and Staff

20 24.1% 75.9%

21 18.4% 81.6%


23 College Support Technicians Have at least one college technician in every college Worked as a team to assist in the rollout of a campus-wide HelpDesk system and asset management system Collaborated with the workstation/application team and Computer Store to develop software imaging for new Windows desktop and laptop machines prior to campus distribution

24 Center for Information Systems Focused primarily on Microsoft products More than 800 participants received training 20 people completed and received Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification through the CIS testing center InforMedia Services Focused primarily on software for instruction 70 different topic areas, many on aspects of Desire2Learn More than 1,800 participants received training Training/Workshops

25 Training/Workshops

26 Other Information Technology Resources

27 Campus Microsoft Agreement Operating Systems, Office Additional Microsoft licensing SharePoint, Project, Visio Symantec Antivirus agreement Allows both campus and home use MnSCU negotiates volume pricing: Adobe (Macromedia) Maplesoft ESRI Geographical Information Systems (ArcView) $7–10K annual cost Software Licensing Agreements

28 IT Security Priority for both MnSCU and SCSU SCSU IT Security Coordinator Coordinates with MnSCU on security initiatives, helping to develop security standards Developing a systematic way to respond to the wide variety of issues 76 incidents were investigated in FY06, a 43% increase over FY05




32 Network Uptime Uptime was 99.90%, compared to 99.73% in FY05 and 99.80% in FY04 Down an average of less than an hour per month total, with equipment or technical malfunctions the primary reason Only down 3 hours for the year due to security, virus, or denial of service


34 SCSU was ranked #49 in Intel's 2005 "Most Unwired College Campuses" survey, which rates schools based on their wireless Internet infrastructure and services. Campus wireless network coverage area was expanded to improve reception and include previously unserved areas, including the residence halls Wireless Network Access Wireless Network Access



37 Completed moving all official sites from Condor to the primary server environment Added a staff member to help support online courses offered through the Center for Continuing Studies Stamats conducted an audit of the SCSU sites Several recommended changes have been implemented Focused more on marketing SCSU to external audiences Multimedia/Web Services

38 Technology Committees Faculty Technology and Pedagogical Resources Committee Teaching Learning Technology Roundtable Student Technology Fee Committee College Technology Committees

39 Thank you!

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