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PDAs - For Beginners InforMedia LRTS Plamen Miltenoff Available at:

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1 PDAs - For Beginners InforMedia LRTS Plamen Miltenoff Available at:

2 Whos Using a PDA? What kind? How long have you had it? What do you use it for? Would you get the same thing again?

3 Plan Introducing the Technology Basic functions & features Getting more advanced: software Where to find out more

4 I. Introducing the Technology What are these things anyway? –More than an organizer –Almost a computer Operating Systems: underneath it all –PalmOS vs Windows (PocketPC) Brands & models –Handspring, Sony, Palm, Compaq

5 Palm Brand (PalmOS)

6 Other PalmOS Devices:

7 PocketPCs:

8 Alternative: Sub- Notebook

9 Shopping for a PDA PalmOSPocketPC Price Available software & goodies Easy for PC users to learn UCSD wireless- compatible now Outlook compatibility First, select a platform

10 Things to consider Color: adds to cost, weight Memory: minimum 8MB for PalmOS Expandability / accessories Batteries – AAA adds to weight, cost Wireless access: how expensive?

11 Accessories Cases Keyboards Modems Digital cameras Mobility (car power kits, etc.) Multimedia: GPS, Voice recorders Memory cards

12 II. Basic Functions: Palm Address Book Datebook (calendar) Memo pad Note pad (new Palm) Expense Mail System utilities Calculator u Basic Applications: u On Computer: Desktop Version

13 Connecting the PDA Cradle to connect to computer Sync software copies newest information both ways Infrared for between-PDA beaming (some printers support IR) Wireless-equipped models can connect to Internet away from a computer


15 Demo Main Screen Address Book Date Book Memo Pad Note Pad To-Do List System Utilities

16 Mail on the PDA Non-wireless: need to be able to move e-mail to PDA –May need an outside program depending on how you get your e-mail. –Get e-mail at Sync –Read, compose replies off-line –Post replies at Sync Wireless: e-mail can be live

17 PalmOS: Main Screen

18 Address Book

19 Date Book

20 To-Do List

21 System Utilities

22 Entering Data into a PDA Write on screen: graffiti Use keyboard widget Enter data in desktop software, Sync to transfer to PDA Use optional keyboard Beam to/from another PDA


24 PocketPC

25 PocketPC: Office Apps

26 PocketPC: E-Books

27 III. Getting More Advanced Extend your PDA with software Literally hundreds of programs available via download sites on the Web –TUCOWS –Handango –Memoware: documents & books Many cost money, usually not much

28 Software Categories Most important –Security, especially for clinical users –Document readers for.DOC,.PDB files Useful utilities –Second calendar for your personal life –Reference content Fun stuff: good for first tries –Games, doodlers, maps, restaurant guides Think about: anti-virus software

29 Installing Software for PalmOS 1.Download (uncompress if needed) 2.Is it a PROGRAM or a DATA FILE? Many programs:.PRC 3.Use desktop software to mark files for installation 4.Software is installed at next Sync Or: Transfer software directly via beam

30 The Net on a PDA Most PDAs are not well-suited to Web browsing –Small screens –Mediocre connectivity to Internet PocketPC has advantage over PalmOS

31 PocketPC: Web

32 Web on PDA: Palm Options PDAs with wireless modems: live, but use Web clipping to reformat content Middleman services: grab content, deliver it at Sync Our pick: AvantGo –Register with your computer –Select channels or create your own –Read updated content on PDA

33 AvantGo

34 Educational PDA Apps Palm OS – mVal –TeacherPet –Lesson Planner PocketPC –SpareBrains!Student: arrange students data –Coordinators Scope: coordinates teachers schedule

35 Where to Get More Info Vendors, magazines, newspapers Colleagues and friends Electronics, office supply stores Wireless cards: Computer Store

36 Plamen Miltenoff Information Specialist / Librarian 204-J James W. Miller Center Learning Resources and Technology Services 720 Fourth Avenue South St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498 320-308-3072 Available at

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