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The Tyranny of Faction The Federalist #10

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1 The Tyranny of Faction The Federalist #10
Writings by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, & John Jay in favor of the constitution ( ) Founders wanted to treat the fundamentals of politics and history. The fundamentals of Federalist #10 is to address how faction is to be treated by the regime.

2 Faction A group with common interests, passion or impulse adverse to the rights of others or the aggregate interests of the community.

3 Examples of Nonviolent Faction
Banking interests, manufacturing interests, oil interests, & all other commercial interests which are nonviolent

4 - Factions motivated by religion
Sectarian Groups - Factions motivated by religion Examples: Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Taoists, Confucianism, Buddhism

5 Factions Motivated by Passion or Impulse
These factions can become violent (ex. Nazis, Marxists, Imperialists, Eco-Terrorists) The job of the legislature is to govern and temper these factions Violent factions step outside the law and will be punished

6 Two Methods of Controlling the Tyranny of Faction
By removing its causes By controlling its effects

7 Controlling Factions by Removing its Cause
Totalitarian regimes control faction by its cause The regime concentrates power within one faction and destroys all others and their cause They remove liberty The causes of faction are: life, liberty, and property

8 Controlling Faction by Controlling its Effects
In a democratic society all factions exist freely and compete for influence in law within congresses, parliaments, and legislatures. The Declaration of Independence declares all are free by the laws of nature and God

9 Controlling Its Effects (cont.)
The US Constitution defines proceedings to protect the rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness The 5th & 14th Amendments defines life, liberty, and property as sacred political rights. 14th Amendment defines the citizen as being born here or naturalized

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