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Tuesday, September 2nd Bellwork: Vocabulary

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1 Tuesday, September 2nd Bellwork: Vocabulary
Finish “Cub Pilot on the Mississippi” read discuss Review Check out books in library Homework: None

2 Bellwork: Vocabulary Use page 78 of the textbook to complete the vocabulary worksheet. affectionate scarce studious decadent tantalized

3 Wednesday, September 3rd
Bellwork: SAT/ARMT Practice Literature Discuss narrative structure Response Journals Independent Reading “Old Ben” & “Fox Hunt” Homework: Vocabulary Builder

4 Bellwork: SAT/ARMT Practice
Read and answer #1-4 on page 73 of the literature book. Turn in any t-shirt money today!

5 Thursday, September 4th Bellwork: Reading Skills Vocabulary Practice
Literature “Old Ben” and “Fox Hunt” Narrative Structures Compare/Contrast Homework: Review for vocabulary quiz tomorrow

6 Bellwork: Reading Skills
Reading nonfiction—charts and maps Look over page 74, then use pages 75 and 76 to answer #1-6 on page 77.

7 Stations Foreshadowing/Flashback Plot line Venn Diagram
“Friends can be found in unexpected places” evidence from “Old Ben” Evidence of Leona Hu being a fox

8 Friday, September 5th Bellwork: Homework / Number Game Vocabulary Quiz
SSR Time Unit 1 Part 1 Review

9 Bellwork: Challenge Problem!
Turn in vocabulary homework/classwork in black drawers See if you can figure out the answers to the “equations” below. 9 = N. of P. in the U. 9 = Number of Planets in the Universe 76 = T led the BP 1760 = Y in a M 4 = S in a Y 2001 = SO 57 = HV 12 = D of C

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