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Dustin Dalziel. Venice Rome Florence Tuscany Naples Milan.

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1 Dustin Dalziel

2 Venice Rome Florence Tuscany Naples Milan

3 Open air markets Beaches Exquisite Restaurants Clubbing Wine tasting in the Country Vineyards Visiting Historic sites Ride the Gondolas of Venice Alpine Hiking Going to year round Festivals

4 Some of the brands youll find You can shop till you drop while expensive in the states you can find it rather reasonable here

5 The main language is Italian. Little do people know Italy has many different dialects which can be rather different, but easy to adjust to. Italian, Neapolitan, Piemontese, Venetian, Ligurian, French, and German are some other languages spoken in Italy The weather of Italy can be freezing during winter and a scorching average of 95 degrees during the summer The main religion is Roman Catholic Population is about 58,147,733 Italys government is a Republic 1 Euro = 1.5443 U.S. dollars is the exchange rate Italy's currency is the euro

6 March 17 th is Italys Independence day Venice Film Festival which is like our Movie Awards in America but more rewarding in Italy. Calcio Storico Fiorentinoil is like American football but with a lot more history Le Millie Miglia. The reason why most European cars are fast. A race that is all about skill and speed that rides the coasts of Italy. It ended for a while, due to a major accident, but has become a popular sport again. Then of course the Italian Soccer team when they played in the FIFA world cup for the fourth time.

7 Italy is a good place to come to if You're looking for friendly people, a honeymoon, or a experience of a Lifetime


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