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Spanish I Final Exam Outline.

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1 Spanish I Final Exam Outline

2 Speaking You will have 3 speaking tasks: 1 dialogue and 2 questions. You must answer with at least 5 correct sentences in Spanish (15): Meet someone new, introduce yourself, etc. What do you do during a typical school day? What are you like? (Self-description). Como es tu familia? Que haces para prepararte por la manana o por la noche? Que hiciste este ano en la clase de espanol

3 Listening One paragraph in Spanish 3 times with 5 T/F questions (5)
Twenty oral questions in Spanish 3 times for multiple choice answers.(10)

4 Reading El horario de clases de Gustavo Fonseca- reading in Spanish about Gustavo’s class schedule with 5 questions to answer in English (5) 10 short realia readings with one question to answer each in English (10)

5 Culture 20 true/ false questions about a variety of cultural topics covered in class (1/2 pt. Each 10) include, but is not limited to: Families. Food. Fiestas-quinceanera, carnival, navidades. School day. México. Spanish speakers in the US.

6 Vocabulary and Grammar
This section will contain 60 multiple choice questions worth ½ point each (30). It will cover all vocabulary topics studied and major grammatical areas. Remember- there are a lot of topics for each area, so there will be few questions per topic.

7 Vocabulary topics include, but are not limited to:
-family -descriptions -school -home -travel -food -free time activities -days, months -weather/season

8 Grammatical Content Covered
Regular present tense verbs –ar, -er, and -ir Irregular present tense verbs (tener, ser, estar, ir, etc.) Question words- interrogatives Reflexive verbs –se Stem-changing verbs- “boot” verbs Adjectives and noun agreement and placement Ser + adjectives to describe anyone

9 Grammatical Content Covered
Possessive adjectives and pronouns Irregular yo verbs Tener que + infinitive or hay que + infinitive to say what you have to do Ir + a + infinitive to say what you are going to do Definite and indefinite articles

10 Grammatical Content Covered
Gustar- to express likes and dislikes Time Dates Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns Prepositions of location Subject pronouns!!!!

11 Writing I. Choose 5 of 10 questions and answer in complete Spanish sentences.(5) II choose 2 short essays and write 15 sentences each (10)

12 Writing Short essay topics: Mi día escolar Un viaje a México
Mi mejor amigo Mi familia Yo soy

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