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Micro PAVER Pavement Management System

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1 Micro PAVER Pavement Management System
For City of Pittsburgh By KMS & Associates, Inc.

2 Problem Deteriorating Pavements More traffic, trucks, buses
Less funding available Road materials are more costly Useful life of materials seems shorter

3 Answer Do nothing (doesn't work)
Repeat last years approach (again & again) What is the industry doing?

4 Why Micro PAVER? Developed by the Army Corps in the late 70’s
Recommended by APWA (American Public Works Association) Optimizes funds allocated for M&R Utilizes the PCI methodology PCI became an ASTM standard in 1999 Most widely used system in the world.

5 Local Micro PAVER Users
Cincinnati (Dick Cline ) Akron (Paul Barnett ) Summit Co. Oh (Greg Bachman Marietta (Joe Tucker ) Washington Co. Oh (Bob Badger ) Westerville ( Jeff Kessler ) Franklin Co. Oh (Jaime Tickle )

6 Similarities Pittsburgh Akron Cincinnati Miles 800 900 Old&New Streets
Yes Snow 43” 47” 23” Founded 1758 1825 1788 Population 350,000 210,000 331,000 Area 55 sq mi 62 sq mi 77 sq mi River Allegheny Monongahela Cuyahoga Ohio Hills

7 Pavement Management Plans, Organizes & Documents
Helps make better decisions Provides support data for decisions Answers what if scenarios Objectively answers “what can be left out” Shows the progress or lack of Objective recommendations

8 What is a Pavement Management System? (Micro PAVER)
Inventory Inspection (ASTM) Reporting Modeling Condition Analysis M&R Planning

9 Inventory Street Name (block - to & from) Length, width, area
Type of pavement (asphalt, concrete, etc.) Rank (arterial, collector, residential, bus route) Last const. date Zones Other Items

10 Sections Numbered: West to East & South to North

11 Inspections ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
Objective Distresses Severity Quantity Feet on the ground Data must be correct Training & Dedication is essential Micro PAVER produces a PCI (Pavement Condition Index) 0 to 100

12 Inspection Procedure (Alligator cracking)

13 Reporting, Analyzing, Planning
Graphs, Bar charts, Maps Where you are now Where you can be Where you will be How to get there Funding Value of Preventive Maintenance

14 $ Savings Utilizing a Pavement Management System will save a minimum of 10 %.

15 Pavement Deterioration
$1.00 for preventive maintenance here . . . $5 to $7 for Severe Maintenance Repair here… or several years of pothole patching if money is short ! Excellent Condition Failed Age

16 Preventive Maintenance

17 If Only Condition Age Call line & again & again
Move the money spent here to here only less !! Condition Age Probably not much more than a couple of years of patching

18 Micro PAVER Provides A Plan that can be explained
Documentation to support the Plan Reinspection to confirm the Plan is on track and working Objective before and after comparisons (responsibility) A format to test new ideas

19 Micro PAVER vs Dump Truck (or resurfaced street)
The Micro PAVER is an investment in a new way of solving problems. It provides the documentation to direct and justify decisions to provide savings. This is an investment into having a better street system. The dump truck or resurfacing is gone in several years with minimal lasting benefit for the system. vs

20 When Funding is short The Best decisions need to be made
Best treatment - best street - best time More Documentation is needed for reasonable explanations More public inquires are a certainty Illustrations of just what is the result will provide sooner refunding Be Proactive (something can be done)

21 Micro PAVER can produce
A listing of Streets to be Treated in the next 3 – 5 years. Understanding that there are variables that could modify the list (up or down). Funding, severe weather, material costs, changing traffic patterns The list will include: Preventive maintenance, routine maintenance and severely deteriorated street repairs (good, fair & bad) “A Balanced Program”

22 Now questions about the
Thank You Now questions about the Micro PAVER Pavement Management System

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