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Brian Higgins 01/21/10. 2 Wireless Growth 500% ~90% 100%

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1 Brian Higgins 01/21/10

2 2 Wireless Growth 500% ~90% 100%

3 3 Connected Transition Internet of People Internet of Things

4 4 200720082009 700 MHz C-Block Purchased Technology Trials Path to Innovation Launch the Network 4G Venture Forum Established LTE Innovation Center Opens for Business Verizon Developer Community Announced Open Development Initiative Launched

5 5 Network Radio HW Applications APIs Open Development

6 6 Tutorials White papers Device emulators Usage monitoring tools SDKs Code samples Device specs On-Device testing Blogs and forums App certification Verizon Developer Community

7 7 $1.3B in available funds Identify and enable wireless innovation –Devices –Apps –Infrastructure –Services Focus is on differentiated start-ups Better align start-up lifecycle with carrier adoption timelines 4G Funding Mechanisms

8 8 LTE Innovation Center (Waltham, MA) Concept Validation Design Development Unlock New Categories of Devices Portal Lab Experience Ctr LTE Innovation Center

9 9 4G Performance Gains 150 ms 30 ms Open Standards, Economies of Scale 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Uplink (Mbps)Downlink (Mbps) EV-DOrALTE

10 10 VZW 4G Deployment Plan 303 M POPs The only carrier with contiguous 4G spectrum 100M 2010 285M+ 2013

11 11 Leadership Early Adoption Portugal Puerto Rico Saudi Arabia Senegal Singapore South Africa Sri Lanka Sweden Taiwan Thailand UAE UK Uruguay USA Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam 130+ Carriers in: Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Italy Japan South Korea Kuwait Malaysia Mexico Namibia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Paraguay Peru Philippines Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brazil Brunei Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Ecuador Egypt Finland France Global LTE’s Universal Reach

12 12 Early LTE Demonstrations Digital Media Ecosystem –MID –Camera –Digital Content Frame Mobile Video Conferencing Portable Video Player Home Monitoring & Control –Security Camera –Home Control Demonstrated at CES on a live LTE network

13 13 LTE Enabled Business Models Always on W/O LTEWith LTE Finished goods, service or both Unconstrained Dedicated insight - OTA possible Unconstrained Maintenance Market intelligence Customer connection Upsell options Connectivity Business Model Applications No connection Finished goods Limited Unanticipated - Truck roll Little to none Limited Static Dynamic – New platforms

14 14 LTE will drive… Significant increase in connected devices Acceleration of app and platform diversification Business model adaptation and reinvention

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