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Fern Valley Interchange Public Hearing November 3, 2010.

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1 Fern Valley Interchange Public Hearing November 3, 2010

2 BACKGROUND Project began in January 2004 Project development included: Project Development Team (PDT) and Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings Open houses Outreach to local businesses, residents, other individuals and groups Meetings with City Council, Jackson County, and regulatory agencies

3 PURPOSE OF PROPOSED PROJECT Improve safety and operations at Fern Valley Interchange, on Fern Valley Road and OR 99. Correct structural and traffic capacity problems at the Bear Creek Bridge.

4 NEED FOR PROPOSED PROJECT Congestion at Fern Valley Interchange: Vehicles queue back onto I-5 during peak hours. By 2022, traffic predicted to back up from OR 99 to N. Phoenix Road. Poor sight distance on Fern Valley Road caused by the I-5 overpass. Lack of continuous sidewalks and bike lanes in the project area.

5 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Developed by the CAC and PDT to address community issues, such as: Protecting businesses and residences. Safe movement of emergency vehicles, school buses, bicyclists and pedestrians. Enhancing the community. Protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

6 ALTERNATIVE DEVELOPMENT About 30 alternatives were considered. Alternatives had to meet the projects Purpose and Need. Alternatives were developed to avoid and minimize social, economic and environmental impacts.

7 EA Alternatives Two alternatives were evaluated in the Fern Valley Interchange EA: No-Build Alternative Build Alternative

8 No-Build Alternative Means the proposed project would not be built. Provides basis for comparison with the Build Alternative.

9 EA Build Alternative Crossing Diamond Interchange (aka Diverging Diamond Interchange) To the west: along existing alignment to OR 99 To the east: along a new N. Phoenix Road alignment

10 EA Next Steps CAC and PDT recommendation on Build vs. No-Build Alternatives FHWA decision on Build vs. No-Build Alternatives Publication of Final Environmental Document

11 EA Availability Hard copies of the Executive Summary (in English and Spanish)at Environmental table CDs with the EAat Environmental table Hard copies of the EAupon request (sign up at Environmental table). Online at ODOTs Region 3 website: Locally for review at City Hall, County Library and ODOT Region 3

12 Public Hearing Ground Rules Please remember, this is a public hearing. We are here to listen to you and will not answer questions during the hearing. All comments will be responded to in the final environmental documentation.

13 Public Hearing Ground Rules If you are giving testimony: yellow cardPlease limit public comment to 3 minutes; we will hold up a yellow card when you have 1 minute left. red cardWe will hold up a red card when your time is up. You cannot transfer your testimony time to someone else.

14 Public Hearing Ground Rules If you are giving testimony: All speakers must speak into the microphone and give their names and addresses. All comments should be relevant to the proposed project alternatives or the environmental assessment, and should not be of a personal nature or repetitive. Please do not address the audience or ask for audience participation during testimony.

15 Public Hearing Ground Rules If you are in the audience: Please remain quiet so others and the court reporter can hear. Please do not interrupt others that are speaking with questions or comments. Disruptive behavior, such as booing or harassing remarks, is prohibited. Please leave the room for side discussions. Please turn off cell phones and pagers or set them to vibrate.

16 Public Testimony 3 minutes each Yellow cardYellow card shown with 1 minute remaining Red cardRed card shown when time is up. Thank you for participating and for your involvement with this project.

17 Wrap-up: Additional Opportunities to Offer Public Comment Written comments can be provided on Comment Forms available at the Welcome Desk and left in the comment box. Written comments will be accepted through November 16, 2010 and can be sent to: Dick Leever, Project Leader ODOT, Region 3 100 Antelope Road White City, OR, 97503

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