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Baroque Art & Architecture.

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1 Baroque Art & Architecture

2 Baroque Art Rembrandt Caravaggio Rubens Bernini Major Artists sensual
Encourage Faith Chiascuro: Contrast between Style Themes light and dark Capture "Catholic Art” action and emotion

3 Baroque 1600 – 1750. From a Portuguese word “barocca”, meaning “a pearl of irregular shape.” Implies strangeness, irregularity, and extravagance. The more dramatic, the better! Marries advanced techniques and grand scale of the Renaissance w/ the emotion, intensity and drama of Mannerism

4 Baroque Style of Art & Architecture
Dramatic, emotional. Colors were brighter than bright; darks were darker than dark. Counter-Reformation art. Paintings & sculptures in church contexts should speak to the illiterate rather than to the well-informed. Ecclesiastical art --> appeal to emotions.

5 St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City by Gianlorenzo Bernini

6 1600 Catholic popes finance magnificent cathedrals and grand works
Why? Counter-Reformation’s triumph Attract new worshippers w/ “must-see” architecture

7 In France Absolute monarchs use it to glorify themselves
Power and grandeur of the king is most impressive

8 Catholics vs. Protestants
Flanders: Catholic Religious art flourishes Rubens England and Holland Protestant Religion images forbidden Still-lifes, portraits, landscapes, themes from daily life Rembrandt

9 Church of Santiago de Compostella, Spain

10 Church of Veltenberg Altar, Germany

11 Interior of a Dominican Church in Vilnius

12 “Calling of St. Matthew” Caravaggio
Ordinary people, everyday events. Faith open to all!

13 “The Cardsharps” Caravaggio, 1595

14 “Christ on the Cross” Diego Velázquez, 1632

15 “Las Meninas” Diego Velázquez 1656

16 Valazquez, Pope Innocent X

17                                      Francis Bacon, 1953

18 “The Elevation of the Cross” by Peter Paul Reubens 1610-11

19 Descent from the Cross 1612 Ominously dark sky
Christ is central figure Tragic theme Spot-light on Christ Emotional Powerful

20 “The Ecstasy of St. Theresa of Avila” by Gianlorenzo Bernini 1647-52

21 More on St.Theresa St. Theresa: saw vision and heard voices
Pieced by angel’s dart filling her with divine love “The pain was so great that I screamed aloud; but at the same time I felt such infinite sweetness that I wished the pain to last forever.” Your reaction?

22 Vermeer Protestant or Catholic? WHY?

23 Rembrandt The Nightwatch 1642

24 “A Bust of Louis XIV” by Bernini

25 “A Bust of Cardinal Richelieu” by Bernini

26 “Louis XIV” Hyacinthe Rigauld

27 The greatest “David” (at least in Peri’s humble opinion)

28 Bernini, The Rape of Proserpine How do you do this in marble?

29 Bust of Cardinal Scipione Borghese

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