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Baroque Art & Architecture 1600-1750.

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1 Baroque Art & Architecture

2 Baroque 1600 – 1750. From a Portuguese word “barocca”, meaning “a pearl of irregular shape.” Implies strangeness, irregularity, and extravagance. (inspired by later work of Michelangelo and Donatello) The more dramatic, the better! –

3 ART -- emotion, drama, motion, and striving; mysticism
Music was religious based but also emphasized secular world – invention, tension, and emotion in music – COMPLEXITY! Ex. Johann Sabestian Bach; Jean-Baptiste Lully; Domenico Scarlatti; George Frederick Handel

4 Baroque Style of Art & Architecture
Dramatic, emotional. Colors were brighter than bright; darks were darker than dark. Counter-Reformation art. Paintings & sculptures in church contexts should speak to the illiterate rather than to the well-informed. Ecclesiastical art --> appeal to emotions. Holland --> Real people portrayed as the primary subjects.

5 Counter-Reformation Church Art & Architecture

6 St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City by Gialorenzo Bernini

7 Church of Santiago de Compostella, Spain

8 Church of Veltenberg Altar, Germany

9 “The Assumption of the Virgin Mary” Egid Quirim Asam, 1692-1750

10 Altar of Mercy, Germany, 1764

11 Bernini – Ecstasy of St. Teresa

12 “St. Francis in Ecstasy” Caravaggio, 1595

13 “The Flagellation of Christ” by Caravaggio

14 “David and Goliath” by Caravaggio

15 “Salome with the Head of the Baptist” by Caravaggio

16 “The Cardsharps” Caravaggio, 1595

17 “The Dead Christ Mourned” Annibale Carracci, 1603

18 “The Virgin Appearing to St. Hyacinthe” Lodovico Carracci 1594

19 “Joseph’s Bloody Coat Brought to Jacob” Diego Velázquez, 1630

20 “Christ on the Cross” Diego Velázquez, 1632

21 “Las Meninas” Diego Velázquez 1656

22 “St. Francis in Meditation” Francisco de Zurbarán

23 “St. Bonaventure on His Deathbed” Francisco de Zurbarán, 1629

24 “The Elevation of the Cross” by Peter Paul Reubens 1610-11

25 “The Lamentation” by Peter Paul Reubens 1609-11

26 “Battle of the Amazons” Peter Paul Reubens

27 “A Village Fête” Peter Paul Reubens

28 “The Garden of Love” Peter Paul Reubens, 1630-32

29 “The Ecstasy of St. Theresa of Avila” by Gianlorenzo Bernini 1647-52

30 Portraits of Famous Personalities of the Times

31 “A Bust of Louis XIV” by Bernini

32 “Louis XVI” Hyacinthe Rigauld

33 “A Bust of Cardinal Richelieu” by Bernini

34 “Cardinal Richelieu” Philippe de Champaigne [1602-1674]

35 Baroque Homes

36 Baroque Furniture

37 Baroque Furniture

38 Versailles Palace

39 Versailles

40 Versailles


42 A Baroque Room

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