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Novel Assignment ONE Mrs. Savage-Owens English 10.

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2 Novel Assignment ONE Mrs. Savage-Owens English 10


4 So, whats so special about this book? Its exciting! Its modern… It won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards ! Its got a great PLOT! Its got great Characters! Its got great THEMES! Its got great SEQUELS! Your assignments arent done and waiting on the web (©Carlson/Ender Cover)

5 IMAGINE You are the best of the best. You are unbeatable. What you lack in stature you more than make up for in intellect. hates you.You are also the youngest, which means that everyone else--all the older kids in your class-- hates you.

6 But you have to be the best… You see, the entire world depends on you for its survival. It's not enough that you just "get by" or that you are adequate; you have to excel in everything, everything. You have to go above and beyond what is expected because there is always going to be someone who wants to show that you are nothing, that he is better than you. But he's not. No one ever is.

7 If someone could beat you just once, maybe the pressure would finally be off, and you could go home to your parents, to the brother you hate, and to the sister you love. You are being pushed beyond your limits and it is almost more than you can bear.

8 After all, you're only six years old. You're all alone, and if you don't prove yourself worthy, the entire world will be destroyed. (BOOKTALK Qtd. Teaching Enderss Game)

9 YOUR ASSIGNMENT For Enders Game Should you decide to accept it… (and even if you dont) Option 1: Newspaper and Novel Presentation Option 2: Theme Park Brochure and Presentation

10 OPTION ONE Newspaper Pick a date either before, during, or after the third invasion, and create the front page of a newspaper covering the events in the novel Enders Game that may have occurred on that day. Articles must be typed, but may be compiled or arranged on poster-board. You must include headlines and bylines You MUST include at least one front page story of no fewer than 150 words. You Must include at least one picture. You may include, but are not limited to the following: –Ads –Interviews –Weather reports –Obituaries Presentation In addition to your front page, you must prepare one of the following PowerPoint presentations: –Character sketches of at least six characters (Of course one must be Ender, but at least one must be an adult) Make sure they are not too brief. –Interesting Sci-Fi technology in Enders Game –Demosthenes history of Ender and the Buggers –Themes in the novel such as: Compassion/Ruthlessness War/Peace Innocence and the loss thereof Relationships: –Friends/Enemies –Children/Adults

11 Option Two Amusement or Theme Park Design a slideshow for an amusement park or theme park that would be suitable for the plot, theme, characters, and setting Enders Game. Your slideshow must be presented and designed with Power Point. Be certain that attraction names are suitable. Include refreshment stands, rest stops, and any other features suitable for a theme park. This is to be accompanied by an advertising brochure for your park For a sample PPT click here: Brochure Create a tri-fold brochure to advertise your theme park You will have six sections on which to describe –Rides –Entertainment –Food –Prices –Accommodations –Etc. For a Sample Brochure click here:

12 MIX and Match You may choose to do part of each project. You may do so only if you choose one written assignment (brochure or front page) AND one presentation (Theme Park or Analytical)

13 This presentation will self-destruct in TEN SECONDS.

14 Works Cited Card, Orson Scott. Ender's Game. New York: T. Doherty Associated, 1985. Carlson, Patricia A. Ender\'s Game by Orson Scott Card. 18 Oct. 2001. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. 16 June 2003. Garbis, Michelle. Group projects. 2002. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 16 June 2003. -- PowerPoints. 2002. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 16 June 2003.


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