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Nitrogen Cycle Ch.2.2.

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1 Nitrogen Cycle Ch.2.2

2 Bacteria Decomposers in the Nitrogen Cycle

3 Bacteria as decomposers:

4 Legumes: Root nodules Legumes are plants with root nodules
Fix nitrogen in soil Using Bacteria Produce usable Nitrate

5 Legumes have root nodules

6 Nitrogen Diagram: A-C Nitrogen gas is fixed by lightning to nitrate in the soil (Nitrogen fixation) B-G Ammonia from waste decomposes to nitrite by bacteria (nitrification) G-C Nitrite is converted to nitrate by bacteria (nitrification)

7 D-A Soil nitrate becomes nitrogen gas (denitrification)
C-E Nitrate is used as fertilizer by plants E-F plant protein nitrogen becomes animal protein when eaten F-B Animal protein waste decomposes to ammonia by bacteria

8 IV. Nitrogen cycle: Plants only use nitrate
Muscle tissue is made of amino acids Decomposition of protein makes ammonia Ammonia converts to nitrite Nitrite converts to nitrate

9 V. Nitrogen Cycle Nitrification: ammonia to nitrite
& nitrite to nitrate by bacteria in the soil Denitrification: nitrate to nitrogen gas by bacteria Decompostion: ammonia in wastes to nitrite by bacteria Nitrogen fixation: nitrogen gas to nitrateby lightning or nitrite by plant/ bacteria

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