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Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 15 10 5 3 2 1.

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2 Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000


4 Click to return to question, Cont-P to switch to the pen, cross out two incorrect answers, then Cont-A to switch back to pointer.

5 Click to return to the question and poll the class

6 Click on link to Ask Jeeves, or click on this oval to return to question and ask a friend

7 C. Independence Day B. Memorial Day A. Veterans Day D. Thanksgiving Which holiday celebrates Americas birthday -

8 Back to Board C. Independence Day

9 C. 173 A D =

10 Back to Board A. 73

11 A. Jordan willnt C. jordan wont B. Jordan wont B. Jordan wont D. as it is In the sentence Jordan willnt know. The correct way to write Jordan willnt should be written -

12 Back to Board B. Jordan wont

13 A. can C. mood B. canned D. mint Which word has the same end sound as moon ?

14 Back to Board A. can

15 A. waning C. new moon D.full moon B. waxing When the amount of the moon you see is getting larger, the moon is -

16 Back to Board B. waxing

17 A. France C. England B. Spain D. Florida Who sponsored Christopher Newport ?

18 Back to Board C. England

19 A. ones B. hundreds C. tens D. thousands In the number 3,961 the number 6 is in which position?

20 Back to Board C. tens

21 A. bedrock C. subsoil C. subsoil B. humus B. humus D. core D. core Which layer of soil is underneath the top soil?

22 Back to Board C. Subsoil

23 A. Baltimore Maryland. A. Baltimore Maryland. C. Baltimore, Maryland. C. Baltimore, Maryland. Mandy grew up in baltimore Maryland. The correct way to write baltimore Maryland is - D. as it is D. as it is B. baltimore maryland. B. baltimore maryland.

24 Back to Board C. Baltimore, Maryland.

25 Which word is a homophone for there? A. those C. care B. here D. their

26 Back to Board D. their

27 A. 500 What is 450 rounded to the nearest hundred? C. 400 B. 450 D. 440

28 Back to Board A. 500

29 B. Abraham Lincoln Who was the 16th President who helped free slaves - A. Martin Luther King Jr. C. Thomas Jefferson D. George Washington

30 Back to Board B. Abraham Lincoln

31 C. the sun C. the sun What is the source of energy for the water cycle? A. precipitation B. water B. water D. cool air

32 Back to Board C. The sun

33 C. heard the joke. Michelle smiled when she hear the joke. In this sentence hear the joke. should be written - A. as it is D. heared the joke. B. hears the joke.

34 Back to Board C. heard the joke.

35 C. black C. black Which word rhymes with track? A. truck A. truck D. that B. rake

36 Back to Board C. black

37 Sorry, try again!

38 Thanks for playing!

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