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Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 15 10 5 3 2 1.

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2 Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000


4 Click to return to question, Cont-P to switch to the pen, cross out two incorrect answers, then Cont-A to switch back to pointer.

5 Click to return to the question and poll the class

6 Click on link to Ask Jeeves, or click on this oval to return to question and ask a friend

7 C. Memorial Day B. Independence Day A. Veterans Day D. Thanksgiving Which holiday honors people who died while serving in the military -

8 Back to Board C. Memorial Day

9 C. 16 A D x 8 =

10 Back to Board A. 64

11 A. D.J. one C. D.J. wonned B. D.J. won B. D.J. won D. as it is In the sentence D.J. winned the race. The correct way to write D.J. winned is-

12 Back to Board B. D.J. won

13 A. floated C. floor B. blind D. float Which word has the same beginning and ending sound as flood ?

14 Back to Board A. Floated

15 A. waning moon C. waxing moon D.full moon B. new moon The phases of the moon always begins with a -

16 Back to Board B. New moon

17 A. San Salvador C. Jamestown B. St. Augustine D. Quebec Christopher Newport landed in which location?

18 Back to Board C. Jamestown

19 A. tens B. hundreds C. ones D. thousands In the number 4,896 the number 6 is in which position?

20 Back to Board C. ones

21 A. clay C. humus C. humus B. silt B. silt D. gravel D. gravel Which type of soil is made up of decomposing plants and animals?

22 Back to Board C. humus

23 A. may 27, A. may 27, C. May 27, C. May 27, Lindsay was born on may The correct way to write may is - D. as it is D. as it is B. May B. May

24 Back to Board C. May 27, 1991.

25 Which word is a synonym for happy? A. sappy C. unhappy B. sad D. glad

26 Back to Board D. glad

27 A. 41 What is the next number in this pattern 25, 29, 33, 37 ? C. 40 B. 38 D. 25

28 Back to Board A. 41

29 B. opportunity cost The next best thing given up when a choice is made is the - A. economic choice C. sad truth D. scarcity

30 Back to Board B. Opportunity cost

31 C. inclined plane C. inclined plane Which simple machine is also a ramp? A. lever B. pulley B. pulley D. screw

32 Back to Board C. Inclined plane

33 C. as it is. Molly was upset when she saw her grade. In this sentence when she saw should be written - A. when she seed D. win she saw. B. when she see.

34 Back to Board C. As it is

35 C. green C. green Which word rhymes with screen? A. seem A. seem D. mine B. screw

36 Back to Board C. green

37 Sorry, try again!

38 Thanks for playing!

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