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Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 15 10 5 3 2 1.

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2 Created by Terri Street Copyright, 2000


4 Click to return to question, Cont-P to switch to the pen, cross out two incorrect answers, then Cont-A to switch back to pointer.

5 Click to return to the question and poll the class

6 Click on link to Ask Jeeves, or click on this oval to return to question and ask a friend

7 C. Northern and Western B. Southern and Eastern A. Northern and Eastern D. Southern and Western Virginia is located in which two hemispheres -

8 Back to Board C. Northern and Western

9 C. 16 A D divided by 4 =

10 Back to Board A. 8

11 A. predicate C. action word B. subject B. subject D. conjunction April went to Colorado. In this sentence April is the -

12 Back to Board B. Subject

13 A. free C. fry B. true D. trade Which word rhymes with tree?

14 Back to Board A. free

15 A. the Earths Revolution. C. The sun turning into the moon D. Phases of the moon B. the Earths rotation Day and night are caused by -

16 Back to Board B. The Earths rotation.

17 A C B D. 508 What year did Ponce de Leon sail -

18 Back to Board C. 1513

19 A. tens B. ones C. thousands D. hundreds In the number 4,896 the number 4 is in which position?

20 Back to Board C. thousands

21 A. condensation C. precipitation C. precipitation B. evaporation D. migration D. migration What is snow an example of?

22 Back to Board C. precipitation

23 A. the Redskins A. the Redskins C. the Redskins. C. the Redskins. Lou cheered for the redskins. In this sentence the redskins. should be written - D. as it is D. as it is B. The Redskins. B. The Redskins.

24 Back to Board C. the Redskins.

25 Which word is a compound word? A.their C. mom B. cant D. sometimes

26 Back to Board D. sometimes

27 A. 56 Which number is a multiple of 7? C. 32 B. 54 D. 36

28 Back to Board A. 56

29 B. George Washington B. George Washington Carver This person discovered many uses for peanuts - A. Thurgood Marshall A. Thurgood Marshall C. Rosa Parks D. Martin Luther King Jr.

30 Back to Board B. George Washington Carver

31 C. pulley C. pulley Which simple machine helps raise a flag up a flagpole? A. lever B. inclined plane B. inclined plane D. wedge

32 Back to Board C. pulley

33 C. as it is. Sally marched in the parade. In this sentence the best way to write in the parade. is - A. In the Parade. D. in the parade! B. in the Parade?

34 Back to Board C. As it is

35 C. Find the meaning C. Find the meaning of words. What does a dictionary help you do? A. Learn a story A. Learn a story D. all of the above B. Find out about peoples lives

36 Back to Board C. Find the meaning of words

37 Sorry, try again!

38 Thanks for playing!

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